As a strategic partner of the international aviation industry, IABG performs strength, fatigue and functional tests for the entire aircraft as well as for individual assemblies and structural components. During our test series, the test items must withstand several thousands of flights before they are finally released for regular flight operations. This is the case for passenger jets as well as for general aviation and military aircraft.

Our services have been called upon for all Airbus programmes, from the very first Airbus project to the present day. We also carried out a comprehensive series of tests for the Airbus A380 wide-body aircraft – to date the largest full-scale fatigue test on an airframe in the history of our company. In recent projects we fatigue tested the entire airframe of the military transporter A400M and carried out life span extension tests with the A320, structural fatigue tests for the Airbus A350, the Bombardier C-Series and the Pilatus PC-24.

Such trust is warranted by highest quality standards, unique know-how, innovative test technology, speed, flexibility and commitment to schedules. These are the strengths that have made us Europe‘s leading provider of aerospace testing and quality assurance services.

While our main focus is on structural testing, we offer a wide variety of testing services for aeronautics customers.

Our aeronautics service portfolio includes:

Tests are carried out at our locations in Ottobrunn, Dresden and Erding in test halls encompassing an area of more than 18,000 m², including a modern infrastructure and central supply of hydraulic fluid, compressed air and cooling water as well as a specific controller technology enabling a new magnitude of test speed.

test facilities IABG

Overview Test Facilities Tests & Analyses
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Test Facilities IABG

Overview Test Facilities (US) Tests & Analyses
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