Control centres

IABG supports the conception and coordination when connecting police and non-police control centres with

  • overall system architecture concepts detailing the technical connection of control centres
  • planning (rough and detailed planning) to develop the necessary infrastructure and connecting police control centres, regional control centres as well as authorised bodies to switching centres
  • development, coordination and assessment of various network concepts facilitating control centre migration
  • developing requirements when upgrading control centres, mission control operation control systems of police control centres as well as the infrastructure of the authorised bodies
  • conceptual design of decentralised system components for command centre including interim solutions
  • sample specifications for implementing BOS digital radio system
  • award support for the industrial sector
  • creation of pilot platforms to test conception drafts
  • coordination and consolidation of joint connection components between police and non-police organisations
  • migration support for control centres from analogue to digital radio
  • project coordination for the connection of control centres (project planning, coordination and management with regard to schedule, resources and costs)
  • active support in the working group of the BOS organisations of the federal states