Government networks

IABG offers extensive consulting services in the ITC sector for customers from the fields of administration, military and public institutions. We especially focus on conceptual and architecture consulting.

We are impartial with regard to hardware and manufacturers. Our solutions extend from network concepts to management information systems. 

With comprehensive consulting services we support our customers with the analysis and optimisation of their requirements enabling them to strengthen their own competencies. 

Our services:


Technology consulting for network infrastructures

New multi-media services require high data rates and good transmission condition which can only be guaranteed with a high performance network infrastructure.

Intelligent planning and integration into a suitable network infrastructure has a decisive impact on IT costs to be expected and the future options your system provides. Let us advise you on network infrastructure matching your business models and how you can speed up your return on investment with clever planning.

We support you with the:

  • analysis of your current network requirements
  • network evaluation (LAN/WAN)
  • determination of required hardware (server, router, switches, PCs, phones)
  • development of a migration concept
  • procurement and installation support
  • supply performance checks and acceptance  
  • staff trainings



The VoIP-based telephone and unified communication systems market has considerably grown, both in terms of impact and size, offering local and virtual solutions. Systems are often incomparable with regard to their features. The same applies to the prices of these systems.

We are your one-stop provider for:

  • Analysis of your current telecommunication requirements
  • VoIP readiness network checks (LAN/WAN)
  • Required hardware determination (servers, routers, switches, phones)
  • Hardware installation  (servers, routers, switches, phones)
  • Configuration of the new VoIP TC system including desired features
  • Integration of your existing telephone system into the new Voice over IP solution
  • Devising the required dial plan
  • Staff trainings

We also assist you in successfully managing the migration from standard telephone systems (e.g., your ISDN system) towards Voice over IP applications.

Your benefits:

  • Your phone calls are made via internet
  • Your system are state-of-the-art 
  • You realise significant cost savings


Secure IP solutions

Radio-based network technologies, such as WLANs, satellite connections, GPRS or UMTS systems, play an increasingly important role in world-wide communication. However, along with their many advantages, wireless communication technologies also entail higher security risks than conventional wired technologies. Data can be intercepted easily, even by those with little technical expertise. Sensitive data thus have to be securely transmitted irrespective of the used communication paths (e. g., internet, WLAN, satellite). Special measures must therefore be taken to ensure confidentiality and to protect the network when transmitting sensitive data.

Part of securing a network is the immediate detection of attempted intrusions and the employment of effective response measures.

Our services:

We examine all the components of your entire network and create a tailored, homogenous security solution. You receive an integral security concept from analysis to design and implementation to operation.

  • Identification of vulnerabilities in network security
  • Implementation of penetration tests
  • Manufacturer-independent evaluation of suitable security technologies and solutions 
  • Design of security architectures
  • Conceptual design of secure networks, in particular wireless LANs and satellite connections
  • Implementation of suitable security solutions for terrestrial, radio and satellite networks
  • Administration of the security functions

Your benefits:

  • Protection of your investment 
  • Confidential files/ data remain confidential 
  • Protection from industrial espionage


Service-oriented network infrastructures

Objective of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the provision of functionalities, which so far are available for individual systems and/or users only, to other systems and applications as services, thus creating added value for the entire organisation.

After all, business processes often extend across major parts of the corporate structure and are to bundle data and functionalities of several systems. Only integrated systems make it possible to provide detailed insight on the required business data.

By implementing a service oriented architecture (SOA) for individual applications, we support an integration across processes and applications. The technical basis of our SOAs are toolkits and frameworks based on the Java platform. Since rigid structures are not suited for SOA solutions, we prefer open-source SOA platforms.


IT platforms

In light of increasingly rising competitive and cost pressures, the optimum use of IT platforms plays an ever more important role for the success of a business or the efficiency of an authority.

We therefore favour a holistic approach, specifically designed to incorporate the integration and requirements of users by optimising business processes and using suitable IT platforms. The IT support’s project character and its continuous improvement are thus always at the forefront of all our considerations.

Our service portfolio mainly covers:

  • IT strategy development (IT framework concept)
  • Business process optimisation
  • IT architecture modelling in line with international standards (e. g., NAF)
  • Implementation support 
  • Further technological development 
  • Operation of IT platforms
  • Project support and quality assurance
  • Prototype development

Our customers thus both benefit from our manufacturer-independence and our high level of commitment to IT security.


Architecture concepts

System and software architectures are not designed arbitrarily, but rather based on standards which are also associated with the term architecture in current language: i.e., the efficient, strict, development of a system following a set pattern.

Architecture is the result of a design. We develop in line with rules gathered in the realisation of projects while at the same time intensively monitoring the market to find new development incentives.

We support you when defining:

  • system architecture and integration, incl. IT structure modelling 
  • selection of suitable platforms, client/server  databases, middleware and user interfaces
  • legacy system interfaces
  • advanced technical development


Prototype development

Factors like user acceptance and meeting requirements play a decisive role in determining the success of any IT project.

We are able to rapidly realise customer-specific solutions in form of prototypes developed in-house. With our internal systems and tools we create flexible and expandable corporate solutions in heterogeneous IT landscapes thus guaranteeing a future-oriented and extensive harmonisation of processes and information.

At the same time, users are able to see what they get at an early stage, enabling them to avoid possible implementation problems in time.

As permanent test environment we operate, for instance, a service-oriented reference environment, various SAP solutions and IT security architectures.


IPv6 – Set the course for the new internet in time

Future viability with the new IPv6 internet protocol

The new IPv6 internet protocol forms the basis for a continued growth of communication networks, the associated support of new services and applications, thus ensuring the future viability of your business.

IPv6 offers numerous advantages:

  • Sufficient IPv6 addresses (128 Bit) available world-wide
  • Efficient mobile application support
  • Structured setup of communication networks without  “workarounds“
  • Efficient and cost-effective management

When implementing IPv6, we are happy to be your competent partner. Our team has already gathered well-founded experience on many levels and cooperates with many national and international IPv6 bodies.

We support you with the following services:

  • Determination of your IPv6 address requirements
  • Design of a IPv6 address concept
  • Design of a IPv6 allocation concept
  • Analysis of the IPv6 compatibility of your network components and devices
  • Analysis of the IPv6 compatibility of your applications and services
  • Analysis of the adaptation requirements of your security policies
  • Determination of your IPv6 training requirements
  • Preparation of IPv6 migration concepts 
  • Schedules and risk management for IPv6 processes
  • Cost estimates for IPv6 implementation
  • Preparation of contract documents for IPv6 services

Limits of the current IPv4-based internet

There has been an enormous increase both in the number of communication networks as well as regarding their areas of application world-wide, for instance in the fields of

  • networking public administration (e-government)
  • internet services
  • cloud computing
  • smart grids
  • intelligent facility management
  • vehicle interconnection
  • mobile always-on services

The expansion of communication networks is additionally promoted by the variety of available technologies, such as

  • private broadband connections
  • WLAN
  • WiMax
  • satellites

Most of today’s communication networks are already based on internet technology and its respective protocols, currently often on the internet protocol version 4 (IPv4). 

Should the expansion of communication networks continue, IPv4 will soon have reached its limits 

  • Lack of IPv4 addresses (32 Bit) available world-wide
  • Limited support of mobile applications
  • Complex management of networks via “workarounds”


IT infrastructure solutions

When secure, reliable and cost-efficient, IT solutions and infrastructures are a decisive element ensuring the success of your business.

If IT systems have to meet particularly high requirements in terms of availability and flexibility, as well as with regard to efficiency and reliability, we are the right partner for you.

We determine your requirements, outline solutions and demonstrate the possibilities of how to efficiently implement your strategy.



Your organisation uses various diverging applications and systems? In this case you probably have increased service and maintenance requirements, since different applications lead to incremental usage costs.

Here, we are happy to consult you on collaboration solutions, to minimise this factor ideally preparing you for the manifold requirements of today’s information age by significantly improving the collaboration of your systems.


IT concepts and architectures

IT support in organisations today is no longer just seen as a cost driver, but rather as necessary instrument creating added value within the organisation, allowing companies to successfully operate on the market in the first place.

There are a number of triggers which require the modification or adaption of existing IT concepts and architectures, such as opting for an IT outsourcing model, new work structures or the strategic decision to no longer be dependent on one manufacturer only.

  • We plan technologies and architecture components together with you
  • We qualify the data storage concept
  • We identify recommended standard software or open source components 
  • We define integration interfaces for legacy applications and external IT components of partners and customers

Convergence of mobile radio and land line networks

The requirements telecommunication networks are facing increase on a world-wide scale. Linking land line networks and radio-based systems, as well as new developments, like IP-based technology are right on trend. Terrestrial systems are supplemented by satellite-based systems. Common to all these technologies are the rapid pace of development and the frequent introduction of new generations.

Whether businesses, authorities or providers – when planning new networks today the future viability of systems needs to be considered in the initial planning phases. New services, such as LTE require adaptation of the entire infrastructure. Suboptimum network infrastructures can significantly increase your operation costs. Being able to resort to the right service, at the right time via the right solution determines success or failure.

Our service spectrum:

  • Strategy and cost consulting
  • Technical and  economic analysis
  • Network planning
  • Migration and the required security architectures
  • Staff trainings


Solutions for the German Armed Forces

Due to changed mission requirements, new IT strategies and cost pressures, the information systems of the Federal Armed Forces have to be reoriented. Only new information technology offering high levels of efficiency and effectiveness is able to properly support the forces on mission.

The monolithic approaches towards command information systems thus increasingly make way to standard-compliant solutions; i.e. only one universal platform remains to meet the requirements of the Armed Forces; specific features are configured in line with mission requirements.

In this context, IABG offers numerous methods and tools. Open source software paired with qualified components provides just the right solution here, additionally supported by IABG’s cooperation in international standardisation bodies in the context of our extensive expertise.