Metallography / Materialography

Microstructural characteristics, inhomogeneities and possible defects are documented with the digital camera system and included into an Image Access database. We implement a wide range of analysis methods like grain size analysis, cast iron analysis, determination of degree of purity and determination of retained austenite, all in compliance with the specifications and standards demanded. We perform in-depth analyses and nominal-actual value comparisons based on current quality assurance standards, general standards and customer-specific standards. 

  • Microstructural contrasting (chemical/light optical)
  • Determination of microstructure
  • Determination of degree of purity
  • Determination of non-metallic inclusions
  • Determination of retained austenite
  • Grain size analysis
  • Cast iron analysis
  • Documentation of defects
  • Qualitative assessment of microstructures
  • Quantitative assessment of microstructures (image analysis)
  • Examination of coating systems
  • Joints
  • Surface roughness measurement (tactile/light optical)