Development test bench for electric actuators

Fields of application

  • Function development, optimisation and validation for electric drive systems
  • Analysis of drive functions in the HiL network (ECU and BLDC motors, for example, possibly with transmission)
  • Identification properties and dynamics, also under specific climatic conditions

Test bench architecture and modules

  • Load machine and modular load drive configurations for flexible operation
    • with highly dynamic load machine (e.g. ±12 000 U/min, ±20 Nm with high power density)
    • with/without flywheel mass, with freely rotating or clamped test item
  • Electricity supply for test item
    • Vehicle electrical system simulations (12/24/48V) for power as well as logic and energy recovery with dynamic bidirectional power supply units (up to ±450 A)
    • Optional battery switch to connect a battery simulator
    • Optional integrated supercaps to simulate storage in vehicle power supply systems
  • Temperature or climatic simulation
    • Temperature (-40 … +150°C) and humidity control (10...85% RH)
    • Standard or customer-specific chambers, units and interfaces
  • Metrology
    • Torque and speed measuring technology with applicable measuring ranges and resolutions
    • Measurement of current, voltage, temperature and acceleration
    • Optional integration of electrical power meters

Automation and functions

  • Manual and highly automated analysis of characteristics, efficiency or long-term stability
    • Determination of harmonics, torques and step responses
    • Automatic identification of transmission functions and test item parameters
    • Database-oriented test sequencer for developing specific test programmes
    • Flexible model integration and extension options for FIU functions
    • Automatic report generation of test results with DIAdem