HiL and Parameter Test Benches

Fields of applicatione

  • Highly automated parameter tests or environmental tests of mechatronic systems
  • Development, optimisation and validation of electrically operated systems (e.g. for Automotive LV124)
  • Analysis of functions, performance parameters and control quality
  • Simulation and validation of behaviour in failure scenarios

Test bench architecture and modules

  • Test-item and customer-specific application of hardware and functions
  • Automation
    • Control and regulation of test sequences for environmental and parameter tests via field bus interfaces
    • Integrated control of climatic chambers and vibration test systems
    • Monitoring of test procedure and progress
    • Data analysis with automatic report generation
    • Implementation based on MATLAB/Simulink with National Instruments or dSpace
  • Power supplies for test items
    • High-performance simulation of 6 vehicle electrical systems 0..60V or 115V incl. energy recovery where applicable
    • Automatic clamping circuits of power supplies for up to six test items
    • Implementation of integrated laboratory power supply units or connectable external battery simulators
  • Measuring technology and field bus interface 
    • Sensors for highly dynamic and precise acquisition of currents (0,2..200 A) and voltages (0..150V) of power supplies, sensors and actuators
    • Field bus interfaces CAN/LIN/FlexRay and RS/ARINC
    • Continuous measurement data acquisition and online analysis
  • Signal specification or HiL simulation
    • Automatic real-time specifications for emulating temperature sensors, resistances, and voltage, frequency or load signals
    • Optional: FIU functionality for automatic for testing for electrical faults on actuators, sensors and field buses
    • Integration of test item models (MATLAB/ Simulink) and real-time simulation in the automation system