Speed Sensor Test Benches

Fields of application

  • Development, optimisation and validation of speed sensors
  • Analysis of sensors, evaluation electronics and rotors in the HiL network
  • Identification properties under emulated installation criteria, positions and speeds

Test bench architecture and modules

  • Rotor drive and seat
    • Application in accordance with requirements of the acceleration dynamics, speed range and synchronisation characteristics
    • Rotor seat with high concentricity and flexible quick-action clamping mechanism
  • Positioning robot
    • Positioning and air-gap control via 3-axis portal (±25μm accuracy) or 6-axis robot (±50μm accuracy)
    • Multiple-sensor recording when using a robot
  • Electricity supply for test item
    • Stabilised power supply via logic power supplies (5/12/24/48V)
    • Optional dynamic vehicle electrical system simulation (12/24/48V) or battery switch for battery simulator
  • Metrology
    • High-resolution speed and angle measuring technology with applicable reference signals
    • Air gap measurement up to a resolution of ±5μm
    • Highly dynamic current, voltage and digital signal acquisition of sensor signals and field bus data from evaluation electronics or control devices
    • Optional integration of oscilloscopes, field meters or customer-specific measuring systems
  • Optional extensions for temperature and climatic simulation

Automation and functions

  • Single-item or series testing of sensor signals and functions
  • Analysis of rotor properties (stroke, pitch, tooth shapes)
  • Customer-specific online analysis of sensor functions and test sequencers for customer-specific test programs
  • Automatic report generation of test results with DIAdem