Endurance test bench for EPS steering systems

Fields of application

  • Endurance tests for electro-mechanical steering systems (ESP steering systems)
    • Fatigue strength validation
    • Validation of all functions and performance data within the expected service life
  • Real-time fatigue load simulations and standardised tests with synthetic nominal data profiles
  • Determination of steering parameters (e.g. support characteristic, sliding force, …)

Test bench architecture and modules

  • Hydraulic rotary actuator to test different forces and positions
    • Force: Lever-dependent. Torques: >± 5.7 kN
    • Stroke: Lever-dependent. Rotation angle: ± 55°.
      Angular velocity: 2.5 rad / s
    • Force and position control
  • Highly dynamic and accurate servo drives for steering purposes
    • Torques: ± 35 ... ± 160 Nm
    • Steering rate: ± 2100 ° / s
    • Angle and torque control


  • High-performance power supply unit to simulate vehicle electrical systems incl. energy recovery
  • „Metrology to record
    • Electric signals (currents, voltages) as well as the actuator performance of a test item
    • Forces, positions, angles, torques and temperatures
  • Compact dimensions, also available as a small series for production quality control
  • Integration in a central hydraulic supply system possible, or alternatively deployable with a separate hydraulic supply