HIL test bench for rear-axle steering systems

Fields of application

  • Function development, optimisation and validation of rear-axle steering systems
  • Analysis of performance and control in a HIL-environment
  • Simulation and validation of rear-axle steering behaviour in failure scenarios
  • Automated HIL road and approval tests

Test bench architecture and modules

  • 后桥转向系统的机电一体化,例如通过
    • 可灵活装备且贴近应用的机械支座,用于不同类型的后桥转向系统
    • 集成控制单元、传感器及现场总线系统(CAN, FlexRay)
    • 集成试验件和车辆模型
  • 用于施加力和定位的电动直线缸
    • 反作用力:± 12 … ± 25 kN
    • 冲程:± 150 … 300 mm
    • 调整速度:500 … 750 mm /s
  • Powerful simulation of vehicle electrical systems incl. energy refeed
  • Cut-off relay adaptor for highly automated simulations of electrical failures
  • Measurement system to record
    • Control and power signal currents of the specimen actuator and ECU
    • Forces and positions
  • Models and interface with real-time hardware (e.g. MATLAB / Simulink, dSpace)
  • Compact dimensions and design for use in HIL labs