Method Development, Software Development

We have extensive experience in developing methods ranging from the elaboration of concepts and solutions to the development of specific procedures and algorithms through to the implementation and application of software tools. We frequently employ these methods to simplify and/or automate complex and time-consuming procedures. We also provide user-friendly interfaces to make application that much simpler for our customers.

Our service portfolio

  • Automatic analysis of screwed and riveted joints
  • Fatigue life assessment of components using random excitation (e.g. rough road track) based on PSD
  • Automatic modelling of bearings for gearboxes
  • Combined calculations, e.g. FE and MBS, CFD and FE, FE optimisation and fatigue life analysis
  • Development of powerful pre- and post-processors

Software used

Fortran, Java, C++, Script languages (Python, APDL, etc.)