Non-Linear Structural Dynamics, Shock, Fluid-Structure Interaction

Our experience with highly dynamic loaded components, complete systems for all sorts of vehicles as well as for stationary objects provides you with benefits in the following areas:

    • Large-scale deformation, fracture and post-fracture behaviour
    • Plasticity and stabilisation as a function of the strain rate
    • Inhomogeneity and anisotropy of stiffness (fibre composite material)
    • Rubber-elastic behaviour (elastomers)
    • Fluid-structure interaction in the case of detonations
    • Propagation of stress waves

    Our service portfolio

    • Safety analyses with regard to deformation, failure and shock
    • Crash safety for vehicles and transport containers (e.g. CASTOR casks)
    • Simulation of the opening behaviour of convertible tops
    • Simulation of penetration processes, e.g. turbine blade impacting turbine housing
    • Pyroshock loading of aerospace structures
    • Pre- and post-shot analyses of underwater explosions including computer support for tests
    • Analysis of stability and vulnerability of ships, submarines and other underwater vehicles

    Software used