Structure Optimisation

Ever increasing demands for lightweight components require the use of CAE methods early on in the development stage to optimise component geometry. In the process, we perform optimisation analyses with static and dynamic load cases. Here, we can take into account restrictions such as stiffness requirements as well as manufacturing constraints. The conditions that apply to the subsequent manufacturing process thus become part of the optimisation.

We provide the following range of services for improving your component structure:

    • Topology optimisation to determine the ideal component shape based on the available space
    • Implementation of the optimum shape in a CAD model
    • Shape optimisation to further improve stress distribution at transition points
    • Numerical optimisation of space and wall strength with parameterised concept models
    • Predictions about the functional feasibility of a new development and dimensioning of an optimum structure

    Software used

    TOSCA, Optistruct, MSC.Nastran