Biaxial Wheel Test Bench (ZWARP) and Brake Disc Test Bench (BSP)

Task • Service

  • Fatigue strength testing of wheels and brake discs and of the wheel assembly in the operating load simulation test
  • Dynamic loading of lateral and contact forces
  • Simplified simulation of endurance tests, e.g. on the Nordschleife (North Loop) of the Nürburgring race track in Germany (lateral force through thrust rings, managed and controlled impact in optimum emulations of loads locally exerted in the wheel)
Technical Data
AC asynchronous motor mit 65 kW (ZWARP) und 166 kW Leistung (BSP)
Internal diameter 1.050 mm
Depth  740 mm
Thrust rings Abstand variabel von 160 mm bis 300 mm
Test items max. Halbmesser 440 mm, max. Reifenbreite 325 mm
Maximum force Radial 40 kN, Axial 25 kN
Camber angle adjustment von –15 ° bis +15 °