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The ongoing digitalisation of the battlefield is placing new demands on the defence and security sector. Experts must have a broad and deep understanding in order to effectively select and evaluate technical solutions. XY meets these challenges with a team of specialists who contribute their operational and technical expertise to the development of technologies and systems.

In capability development, we transform military requirements into technical performance specifications and support the technical realisation in all phases - from conception to use. Our portfolio includes simulations (LVC), model-based system engineering, life-cycle support and the verification and qualification of systems. Our work is based on comprehensive trend and technology scouting, sound technical and scientific evaluation and in-depth knowledge of the national and international research and defence landscape. In addition, we offer a wide range of test facilities to analyse systems for compliance and reliability. 

We offer customised services ranging from analysis and realisation to the use of a system in the armed forces, taking into account all aspects of technology development and operational requirements.

EUROSATORY | 17.-21. June 2024 | Paris-Nord | Villepinte Parc des Expositions

Eurosatorfocuses on army and airborne technology and is organised in cooperation with the French Ministry of Defence. 
Our focus is on future-oriented technologies in the field of defence and security and their relevance in a military-operational context. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand H361 | hall 6 to exchange ideas and shape the security of tomorrow together! 


Our Services

Digital twin technology as the key to the digitalization of the Bundeswehr: The digital twin is a digital profile of a tangible or intangible object (such as a component, system or process) that exists in the real world or is intended to exist. IABG has adapted this technology to conceive and design advanced defense systems.

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Comprehensive expertise and solutions for the Bundeswehr, NATO and the EU for the capability development of the armed forces. Analytical programme support for all aspects of the overall system - aircraft, payload, data transmission and control station.

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How safe is artificial intelligence? We develop solutions for the evaluation and testing of AI systems. These are based on the latest findings from AI research, standardisation and regulation as well as our many years of experience in testing, analysis and certification processes.

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IABG is a leader in the provision of expertise and services in technology assessment. With technology roadmaps for defence research and technology, we outline the development of new technologies aimed at improving the security and effectiveness of defence systems.  

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Product Qualification & High Risk Testing

Product qualification and high-risk testing are crucial steps in the development and certification of equipment and systems for the defence industry. These processes ensure that products function reliably under extreme conditions and fulfil international standards such as NATO's STANAG guidelines. This includes carrying out tests, assessing risks and documenting the results to ensure conformity with the required specifications. High risk testing includes tests under extreme conditions that often exceed normal operating conditions. Such tests are essential to understand the behaviour of products in exceptional situations and to minimise potential risks. IABG offers specialised test facilities and expertise to carry out such demanding tests.


Our services include:

Ballistic Testing

IABG is leading in ballistic testing and qualification of materials, components, and systems, from armoured steel and glass up to armoured vehicles and body armour. Our test procedures are calibrated and aligned to international standards such as STANAG 4569 AEP-55, Vol 1 and VPAM APR / PM / BRV. We can test with bullets and projectiles from .357 Mag up to a calibre of 30 mm. As an approved testing laboratory, we also carry out ballistic Quality Assurance tests in accordance with TL 2350, to ensure the highest standards of steel and aluminium.

Armoured Vehicles

IABG is a DIN/EN 17025 accredited test institute, with own proving grounds, shooting ranges and workshops as well as comprehensive measurement equipment (e.g., high-speed video, Crash-Test-Dummies). Our experts with over 20 years of experience carry out ballistic and blast tests according to international standards such as VPAM BRV & ERV and STANAG 4569 AEP-55 Vol. 1, 2 & 3 to certify protected civilian and military vehicles. We offer the full range of services to also ensure the Conformity of Production of the armoured vehicles.

Safety of Alternative Energy Storage Systems

Our testing services comprise safety and abuse tests on (battery) energy storage systems of all sizes according to international standards, incl. comprehensive pre- and post-testing activities.  In our H2 testbed for LH2 and CH2 storage tanks, we put hydrogen technologies through their paces. Our consulting and support services, both civil and military, cover (failure) analysis and evaluation of safety-critical effects. Hereby, we help our customers to understand safety aspects of their product and to ensure safe use and handling.

Test Centers

From your idea to turnkey handover. We support you in every phase:

  • Consulting and studies for a sound basis for decision-making
  • Specialist planning of innovative test systems and test centers, taking into account the most technically and economically efficient solution 
  • Contract award management for realization without surprises
  • Implementation with on-time and on-budget project support

General contractor service:

  • Comprehensive planning from the initial phase to planning completion
  • Realization support from planning completion to successful acceptance
  • One point of contact in all project phases

With our comprehensive expertise, we support our customers in every life cycle phase by evaluating alternative solutions both economically and technically. From development, use/maintenance and mid-life upgrades to expansion and disposal, we optimise your projects across the entire life cycle. The aim is to maximise the performance of products and systems, optimise resources and streamline operations to ensure long-term success.

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Geospatial solutions, derived from a wide range of geodata and other information, are increasingly important for our modern life, have shaping impact on our societies and their development. Geoinformation turns into an integral part of everyone’s life and is by far not anymore limited to commercial or industrial demands.

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A systematic threat analysis with an accompanying model-based cyber risk analysis creates the conditions for resilience over the entire life cycle. With a tool-supported cyber risk analysis and simulation of resilience measures, we are happy to support you in setting up, planning, developing, integrating and implementing them. We are at your side with our expertise, methodology and technical solutions. 

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Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is an advanced methodology used in the design and development of complex systems. IABG uses MBSE to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the planning and realisation of defence systems. By applying MBSE, engineers and developers can gain an in-depth understanding of the requirements and possible solutions for a project. This approach makes it possible to identify and solve potential problems as early as the design phase. IABG works closely with its customers to develop customised solutions that meet the highest standards and ensure the safety and performance of the systems.


Modelling and Simulation

Modelling and simulation are key tools in research and technology that play a decisive role in the development of defence systems. IABG has been using modelling and simulation for decades to investigate and evaluate complex military systems and issues in operations research. These methods make it possible to run through various scenarios and evaluate the performance of systems in different scenarios and vignettes without having to carry out real operations. In this way, modelling and simulation help to increase the safety and effectiveness of defence technologies through optimisation and to evaluate various possible courses of action during deployment. IABG is an important partner for governmental and industrial players in the field of defence research by offering innovative solutions to the challenges of modern defence technology.


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