In addition to mechanical components, modern weapon systems often have electric, electronic and programmable electronic subsystems, which increase the spectrum of use and their effectiveness. The complexity of the weapon systems constantly increases, while the number of malfunctioning risks rises at the same time.

Together with our customers we thus develop systems which avoid risks to guarantee functional safety:

  • Process consulting
    • Consulting, coaching on organisation/ optimisation of development processes, capability assessment, capability improvement,
    • Consulting when creating requirement specifications and contracts
    • Project-specific adjustment in accordance with international standards (tailoring)
    • Selection and evaluation, rollout of development methods and tools
  • Project support
    • Risk management
    • Project management and controlling
    • Supplier monitoring
    • Development and tests of selected expertise-safety components
    • Obsolescence management
  • Certification / approval support
    • Audits and assessments
    • Execution and evaluation of safety analyses
    • Test support
    • Qualification support
    • Approval support
    • Independent verification & validation (IV&V), external consultants
  • Training
    • Standard
    • Processes