Hydrological Mapping and Simulation

Hydrology is an essential aspect of landscape assessments both from an ecological and an economic perspective. Detailed knowledge of existing surface water is required for any business or activity related to water resource management such as water supply, hydroelectric power generation, flood management or recreational uses of public water.

The climate change and ensuing changes in precipitation patterns, in particular, make it absolutely necessary to have comprehensive knowledge of the water infrastructure in order to manage the water supply in arid regions and plan measures and controls for river and flash floods.

IABG has already created hydrological maps for more than 600,000 kilometres of river systems of different orders across an area of more than 2 million square kilometres. Classic hydrological maps and simulations, flood maps or maps identifying flood retention areas are generated at scales ranging from 1:100,000 to 1:1,000, based on satellite images and high-resolution aerial photographs.

Flood simulations, which require a comprehensive and detailed compilation of all hydrologically relevant factors, are becoming increasingly important for planning and for the insurance industry. And IABG has established itself as an indispensable planning partner.


  • Hydrological mapping of river systems of different orders
  • Recording of surface waters such as lakes, retention basins and retention areas
  • Recording of irrigation systems
  • Flood and flood damage mapping
  • Flood simulations to identify potential flood areas

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Trailer Hydrological Mapping