Natural Hazards

Global climate change and its ramifications

Global climate change and its ramifications are posing new challenges for today’s society: Rising sea levels, earthquakes, or extreme weather events like heavy rainfall or storms are increasingly common. Consequences like flooding, coastal erosion, landslides, or tsunamis oftentimes claim a large number of human lives and cause substantial economic damage.

Using remote sensing methods, and imagery, radar, and laser data acquired by satellites, airplanes, or RPAS, IABG generates the geodata necessary for analyzing the resilience of rural and urban areas.

In the topic of „Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)“, potential risk areas are identified, and the efficacy of structural and planning measures are verified using a modeling approach.

These analyses provide important information regarding a region’s vulnerability, to be able to implement targeted measures and to improve the sustainable protection against natural disasters.

Our services

  • Construction of high resolution terrain models
  • Land use mapping
  • Soil sealing assessment
  • Determining retention surfaces
  • Flood mapping
  • Flood simulation
  • Determining potential landslide areas
  • Monitoring ground motion using radar interferometry
  • Monitoring coastal erosion
  • Aiding the implementation of the EU flood directive
  • Population density

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Emergency Management Services