Near Real-Time Monitoring in Agriculture and Forestry

Near Real-Time Monitoring in Agriculture and Forestry

with Planet Satellite Constellation – Reference

The increasing extent of natural hazards poses new challenges in the field of earth observation. Planet’s constellation of currently more than 190 individual satellites captures one image a day of the entire landmass on earth. Within 24 hours at the latest, the data is made available for further processing in a cloudbased archive.

When thunderstorm Kolle devastated large parts of the forests in Lower Bavaria, Germany, on August 18, 2017, IABG was commissioned by the Bavarian State Institute of Forestry (LWF) to measure the extent of damage caused by the storm. Planet’s Dove satellite constellation, which collects daily images with a ground resolution of approx. 3 metres, offered two key benefits:

  • Cloud-free post-disaster images were made available incredibly quickly.
  • The extremely short time span between pre-disaster and post-disaster images helped rule out the influence of any silvicultural treatments, underlining the informative value of the findings considerably.

A change detection analysis was performed to automatically determine and visually verify forest changes. Within a few days, IABG was able to deliver important insights that the LWF could leverage immediately for damage investigation purposes and to review aid applications.

In agriculture, Planet data is used for plant vigour analyses, devising crop sequence plans or reviewing financial aid applications (IACS).

Our services

  • High-frequency pre-disaster and post-disaster satellite images (with resolutions ranging from 0.8 to 5 metres) from the Planet satellite constellation
  • Change detection analysis
  • Partially automated monitoring
  • Calculation of custom indexes
  • Visual verification
  • Provision of valid data for reviewing financial aid applications

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