Smart Cities • Safe Cities

Smart Cities • Safe Cities

The world´s urban population is rising constantly – in 2050, there will be 6.7 billion city dwellers according to the United Nations World Urbanization Prospects. The economic importance of cities is also increasing as they represent an ever-growing share of the global gross domestic product. Digitalization makes all of this possible through interconnecting the spheres of personal life and business in new and smart ways. A smart city is therefore always a networked city with advanced infrastructure, offering its citizens high quality of life while providing its private sector with a competitive advantage globally.

At the same time, security and resilience against the numerous threats rising in lockstep with urbanization – from crime and terrorism to cyberattacks and natural disasters – are fundamental. Only a safe city can be a smart city fully capable of protecting people as well as critical infrastructure.

For decades, IABG has been managing projects for urban (security) stakeholders with vendor-neutral and reliable expertise. IABG transforms the age of digitalization with its multitude of challenges for the public and private sector into an era of opportunity for smart and safe cities. We stand with you as an internationally experienced consultant for an intelligently networked and secure urban future. Count on us for providing the know how needed to protect the connected city – from cyberspace and urban critical infrastructure to commanding first responders and security forces. Efficiently and cost-optimized.

We will work with you to turn our shared vision of a smart, secure and connected city into reality, providing opportunity and high quality of life for all urban citizens.

Our solutions

  • Driving the digitalization of your processes
  • Customized solutions for information security and communication technology
  • Cybersecurity certification according to  ISO 2700x
  • Setup of Security Operations Centers (SOCs)  and Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
  • End-to-end planning, consulting and training
  • Tender/procurement management, analysis & business optimization of your investment decisions

Our customers

  • All levels of the Smart & Safe City
    • Command & Control/Management
    • Analytics and intelligent applications
    • Communications and networks
    • Sensors (CCTV cameras, drones, …)
  • Core stakeholders of the Smart & Safe City
    • City authorities and management
    • First responders
  • Public and private sector operators of urban critical infrastructure, for example:
    • Government & administration
    • Telecommunication
    • Energy, water, gas
    • Traffic and transportation management
    • Healthcare