The increasing usage of geoinformation systems in industry and administration results in the growing of new needs and demands with regard to the basic digital data required. The challenge for service providers is to introduce and comply with standards in the customer data.

The wide-reaching expertise of our engineers ensures the necessary knowledge required for the various customer-specific demands in the GIS sector. The development team of our Geodata Service consults and supports our customers competently in all methodical and technical matters in geoinformatics and software development.

We have a cutting-edge hardware and software and develop tailored solutions for our customers: from small project teams to complete offices and authorities.

Our services

  • GIS application
  • Development in the GIS sector (tools, applications)
  • GIS consulting and training

Areas of application

  • Updating services (cadastres, green spaces, land coverage)
  • Planning services (solar potential, site determination, radio network planning, population density)
  • Simulation (flooding, erosion risks)
  • Split wastewater fee (production of legally binding fee notifications)

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Woodpile Calculation App

Photo-optical Woodpile Surveying