Development in the GIS sector

We develop project-specific GIS applications tailored to customer needs and requirements. Our many years of project work with Esri software and as an Esri development partner we can add any function a customer may require to the ArcGIS for Desktop: from individual tools, interfaces, GUIs, evaluation and testing routines through to complete specialist application modules. Independent applications can be realised with ArcGIS Engine and internet applications with ArcGIS for Server - up to the setup of complex web mapping architectures.

We create interactive map applications for the internet and intranet as an attractive and intuitive alternative. We model, configure, and implement optimised geodatabase solutions both for our own geodata production and for our customers.


Our services

  • Software/tool development
  • Specialist GIS modules
  • Project-specific GIS applications
  • Interfaces
  • Migration of databases to new geoinformation systems
  • Generation of metadata
  • Navigation data
  • Provision of data for web/internet/intranet
  • Database management (database modelling, creation and management of databases)