GIS application

The data extracted using remote sensing methods or otherwise procured is imported to a Geographic Information System (GIS) for further processing.

The linking and intersecting with other information levels and the use of special GIS software permits us to produce a multitude of customer-specific and task-oriented analyses and presentations. We provide vector, raster and attribute data in all the standard formats and object models and we advise our customers on creating sustained data stock and the development of standards (ISO, OGC, etc.).


Our services

  • Procurement and acquisition of spatial data, on-screen digitisation
  • Analysis and processing of digital, spatial vector and raster data
  • Preparation of geodata
  • Georeferencing, deskewing, transformation, projection
  • Generalisation
  • Modelling (3D city model, solar cadastre, DTM)
  • Mapping
  • Creation of new databases
  • Conversion into all standard raster and vector formats
  • Quality assurance in data acquisition and data preparation
  • Metadata