Interpretation of aerial and satellite images

Interpretation of aerial and satellite images

2D evaluation procedure
The information content of remote sensing data can be efficiently extracted with the suitable classification and interpretation procedures. The visual interpretation is carried out by our experienced team of experts. Thanks to their knowledge they have the possibility to go into detail on special features in the image and to differentiate hardly distinguishable textures.

3D evaluation procedure
The digital photogrammetric measurement in 3D permits the high-precision spatial capturing of the landscape. Main points of focus are infrastructure, buildings, terrain, vegetation, and bodies of water. This method is particularly useful when the required data is height related (object and terrain measurements) and has to be further processed accordingly.

Semi-automatic evaluation procedures
Automatic image analysis and classification is an extremely efficient procedure. Raster-based information can be derived from the input data via appropriate parameters for unique spectral and geometric objects and incorporated directly or released for further processing depending on the intended purpose. Decisive criteria for this are agreed on and monitored in the scope of the previously defined quality assurance concept.

The results of the interpretation procedures described above can be combined and integrated seamlessly into the advanced GIS data processing and analysis or linked with existing systems and models.

In consultations with our customers we weigh up the pros and cons of different evaluation procedures. All interpretation methods are based on databases and are optimised through voice control and other self-developed software solutions.

Our interpretation team is made up of cartographers and geographers as well as experts in various geosciences. They each bring their own experience gathered over the years from different projects into the process of image evaluation.

Extraction of roof edges

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Our services

Our customers include renowned telecommunications providers, energy suppliers, engineering offices, regional and federal authorities as well as numerous municipalities.


Our customers

Among our customers are renowned telecommunication providers, power suppliers and engineering offices, state and federal authorities, as well as numerous municipalities.