Technical consulting in cooperation with legal experts

You were assigned to legally assist an award procedure for an IT or communication system and have difficulties to follow your client’s technical jargon? As your partner, we are able to act as interpreter between you and the specialist department in such cases. After all, also your technical partners might find it difficult to understand and implement your legal requirements. "Being familiar" with both sides, we consider ourselves “intermediaries between the two worlds“, the world of technicians on the one and the legal and award management experts on the other hand.

Together with you, we are also capable of replying to complaints in a suitable and qualified manner and to get pending award procedures that are facing difficulties, such as an unusually high number of questions of tenderers, back on track.

We are furthermore able to help you successfully contest award procedures where your clients feel disadvantaged. After all, mistakes do not only happen in the legal field. Attorneys often fail to identify technical errors.

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