BOS digital radio

IABG are impartial to individual manufacturers and independent and supports project groups of federal and state authorities when implementing and integrating the digital BOS radio technology. As a rule, we have security contracts with BOS organisations featuring ALBD systems.

IABG experts are able to resort to extensive competencies and experience:

  • Specific knowledge of various mobile radio technologies and standards, in particular TETRA
  • Specific knowledge in planning and operating digital BOS radio systems
  • Modelling of processes in line with ITIL and their implementation in digital BOS radio
  • Preparation of (operation) concepts and (operation) manuals
  • Structured preparation, moderation and implementation of workshops, also with heterogeneous interest and expert groups

Our support service comprise conceptual design, but also independently and autonomously tackling issues starting with project coordination, up to the operative implementation.

With our experience and specific know-how in digital BOS radio, we offer support, in particular, on the following issues: