Project management

Projects require active management to be successful, thus making them time- and labour-intensive. When following the motto: “Let’s get started first, then we’ll see where we are going” a project is doomed to fail from the very start. Basis of every successful project is a meticulously planned project kick-off that needs to incorporate the following issues:

  • goals and expectations
  • project environment and stakeholder analysis
  • risk management
  • project organisation
  • project planning
  • resource planning
  • communication and reporting

Why are these aspects so important?

To ensure the project’s progress, the project stakeholders all have to move in the same direction. However, they can only do so, if they are aware of the project targets. The better their expectations are considered, the stronger their pull, i.e., the higher their motivation.

The project environment analysis determines influence factors and framework conditions (e.g., statutory requirements, and environmental influences) relevant for the project, providing the first risk management objectives which can then form the basis for possibly required countermeasures.

Are you aware of all the stakeholders, in particular the ones working against your project? No? Then it is high time you deal with these issues and integrate them into your project and/or to keep them in the loop on a regular basis.

Clear decision-making procedures and responsibilities can only be found, if an adequate project organisation has been implemented. Do not underestimate the line function which competes for your resources; i.e., you also need to consider project and resource planning aspects.

Project management is 80% communication: regularly inform all stakeholders about the project status so that everyone is up-to-date at all times. Advertise your project, to ensure that it is optimally supported and advanced by all parties involved, in particular by the management. Project progress and successful milestones help you to substantiate this with communication and reporting being essential priorities.

With its experienced project managers, IABG supports you with all aspects. Our project managers excel with the following certifications:

  • GPM - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V.
  • ICB Standard
  • IPMA -International Project Management Association
  • PMI – Project Management Institute
  • V-Modell

We support the entire project life cycle, from project kick-off up to the acceptance stage. IABG has specialised in the types of projects listed below. If you are about to kick-off a project or need help with a project in difficulties – contact us!