Galileo Public Regulated Service

PRS essentially offers the following advantages in relation to the civilian standard positioning service of GPS and the civilian Galileo services:

  • The signals are better received, also in difficult reception conditions.
  • The signals are better protected from electro-magnetic interferences caused by other radio users (e.g. television stations, radar, DMEs, etc.). 
  • The signals are better protected from intentional jamming.
  • The signals are encoded and thus protected from spoofing. 
  • The signals thus allow to jam GPS and civilian Galileo signals in such a way that only PRS signals remain available in an operational area. Therefore only authorised users have the exclusive ability to use positioning/ navigation data in the operational area.

With increasing availability of GPS system services, offers to construct GPS jammers and/or the sales of ready-to-use jammers have multiplied in the last years. These devices either simply interfere with the satellite signals, (jamming) or also intentionally produce incorrect information (spoofing). 

The signal structure and further characteristics of the PRS protect the PRS much better against jamming and spoofing than the civilian Galileo and GPS signals are.