Heute die Zukunft gestalten

Smart Mobility • autonomes Fahren • Robotik • Virtual Testing • Künstliche Intelligenz • Machine Learning • Smart Data • Safety und Security


Shaping the Future – Today


The IABG Innovation Centre was established as a development incubator for our service portfolio. This is where engineers, physicians and mathematicians get together to develop IABG solutions for future markets – closely networked with leading European universities and research institutes as well as our customers and partners.

Topics include major trends in digitization, sensor networks, robotics, and artificial intelligence in the mobility and security sectors.

The increasing networking of all areas of life and the spread of autonomous systems demand digital security technology to protect against unwanted external access by third parties and manipulation (Security). But security also includes the safe functioning of more and more complex and interdependent structures (Safety). With information and communication technology (ICT) permeating all areas of society, the line between Safety and Security not only disappears – they influence each other (Dependability). For a Smart Society it is essential to have a detailed and integrated understanding of the security demands of a networked, open, and complex world.

Intelligent mobility concepts are gaining in importance in all aspects of the movement of people and goods. Vehicles are turning into mobile digital platforms that exchange data wirelessly with each other as well as their environment. The intelligent use of this data is key to the success of intermodal mobility concepts, complex logistics systems, and assistance systems.

The management and analysis of large volumes of data (Big Data), artificial intelligence (Smart Data) and machine learning are becoming key technologies wherever digitally networked infrastructures dominate (Smart City, Smart Mobility, Smart Industry, Smart Society).