Simulation of static and dynamic loads on rail vehicles

Simulation of typical static and dynamic loads from operation, e.g. for computational proof of service life and for evaluating driving comfort.

Fields of application

  • Evaluation of driving comfort
  • Assessment of strength and functional reliability
  • Proof against derailment due to climbing as well as proof of tilt resistance
  • Lifetime verification of chassis components under environmental influences


  • Simulation of typical static and dynamic loads from an operation such as shunting, loading, unloading and driving
  • Flow simulation and simulation of acoustics and vibrations

Tools used

  • CAD: Catia V5, SolidWorks, Creo
  • FEM modelling: Hyperworks/Hypermesh, ANSA, Medina
  • FEM-Solver: Abaqus, Nastran, ANSYS, Optistruct, LS-Dyna
  • Foot and mouth disease solver: Adams, RecurDyn
  • CFD: OpenFoam
  • Strength assessment: nCode, FEMFAT
  • Programming languages: Fortran, Java, C++, LabView, Unity 3D
  • Script languages: Python, Matlab/Simulink