Vibration testing and earthquake resistance

Vibration testing and earthquake resistance

Seven electro-dynamic and several hydraulic vibration facilities (single and multi-axial, partly combined with temperature/climate measurement systems) with various table sizes and force vectors are at your disposal in the area of vibration testing.

All test facilities are equipped with efficient control and measurement systems covering all modes of operation available in vibration testing. Some of our facilities even allow for combined test campaigns, such as vibration/temperature.

Single-axial load

Our vibration facilities are equipped with standard test mountings and sliding tables, allowing us to stress the item under test single-axially along the three orthogonal axes.
Three facilities can be operated with climatic chambers at adjustable temperatures of 70°C to + 180°C.

We additionally offer special tests on request, such as resonance searches and shock tests as well as tests with shorter or longer test durations and/or particularly high test levels (starting from 30 g sine/20 geff noise).

Vibration and shock testing

  • Vibration (sine, random, transient, sine-on-noise)
  • Shock and drop shock tests
  • Measurement of dynamic responses, such as acceleration, elongation, force
  • Combined temperature and vibration analyses
  • Shock response spectrum analyses (SRS tests)
  • Functional monitoring of the test item under dynamic stress
  • Long-term analyses with variation of temperature, humidity, vibration profile and power voltage as well as provision of tempered cooling air
  • Design and construction of test facilities
  • Preparation of test regulations