Testing under pressure: hydrogen in operation

To counteract global warming, a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is necessary. This requires a far-reaching and rapid phase-out of the use of fossil fuels. Future energy needs must therefore be met by CO2-neutral energy sources. In addition to the direct use of electrical energy, hydrogen will be a mainstay of the energy system in the future and will affect energy supply, industry and transport as well as the building industry.

Qualification along the hydrogen chain

IABG already qualifies components and systems along the hydrogen chain, regardless of the industry: from safe electrolysers, to storage under high pressure or cryogenic conditions, to the efficient operation of fuel cell systems. IABG not only takes care of testing, but also the entire administrative process. In this way, your products receive approval as quickly as possible.

We test according to the following standards, among others: EC 79, EN 12245, IEC / DIN EN 61373 & ISO11119-2, UN ECE R134, UN ECE GTR 13, EU 406, EU 535, SAE J2601.

Overall system competence hydrogen technologies

  • Requirements definition through overall system simulation with regard to
    • Power and energy demand
    • Storage and energy conversion options
    • Storage capacity, H2 consumption and range
  • Procurement advice and support
  • Operational monitoring and optimisation of the operating strategy of fuel cell systems
  • Calculation of Total Cost of Ownership and Life Cycle Assessment
  • Technology consulting along the entire H2 chain

Take advantage of our many years of expertise in qualification and optimisation.
We are happy to advise you! We support and accompany you in your H2 project in a solution-oriented manner and in close customer contact. Zero emissions is our common goal.
We think modern mobility concepts and make them fit for safe use today - low-emission driving and thus climate-friendly driving with H2 is becoming real.

Hydrogen technologies: testing and consulting

Added value for our customers

  • Idea, realisation, application, qualification - we accompany you as a partner, service provider & general contractor along the entire value-added chain.
  • Extensive testing facilities in several test centres, including large testing area for high-risk tests
  • Accredited laboratory for materials testing and failure analysis

H2 and fuel cell specific tests

Application example - One-Stop-Shop for drive qualification

Fuel cell module or system

  • Shock and vibration test
  • Mechanical aggregate tests
  • Leakage test
  • Testing of the regular operation
  • Operating, differential and overpressure test
  • Cold or hot start examinations
  • Icing (stack, cathode exhaust air, ...)
  • Air contamination studies
  • Lifetime and degradation tests

H2 storage and distribution

  • Static and dynamic pressure tests
  • Fire, drop, burst test
  • Mechanical tests of the tank connection as well as media routing

Traction battery

  • Basic tests (leakage, performance, storage)
  • Safety and abuse tests (drop, impact, short circuit, fire, mechanical tests, ...)
  • Environmental tests

Power electronics and electric machine

  • Carrying out electrical tests according to LV 124 (E-01 - E-22) and environmental tests according to LV 124 (M-01 -M06, K-01 - K-17, C, L-01 - L03)

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