micromex X-Ray Inspection System (sD/CT)

The x-ray test is a non-destructive volumetric test for synthetic materials, ceramics, laminates and composites (hybrids) and various alloys. In addition to dynamic testing in real time, the internal structures are examined as are defects and inhomogeneities.

The 2D mode and x-ray tomography are used to generate digital mappings of samples and components. The length, surface and volume of detected structures are measured. A nominal-actual geometrical comparison is made by comparing a scanned volume with an imported CAD dataset. The real structures from the tomography can be output in the form of a CAD dataset.

We also gladly work together with customers at short notice to perform 2D tests. The test results are evaluated according to customer specifications and presented in the form of mappings, videos and reports.

We support you with matters as below configured for all types of semi-finished parts, samples and components:

  • Non-destructive volumetric testing
  • Dimensional measurement
  • Collection of real CAD data as calculation basis
  • Assembly tests for complex machinery
  • Characterisation of defects
  • Characterisation of composites and laminates
  • Method projects (customer-specific)