Even in Corona times: IABG's performance remains assured

The crisis triggered by the coronavirus disease COVID-19 has serious consequences for the economy and companies. IABG must also rise to this challenge.

IABG has therefore taken measures which, on the one hand, aim to be able to continue to offer all its services in the usual manner and, on the other, to ensure the best possible protection for the health of its employees and customers.

With regard to our service portfolio this means the following:

  • Consulting: We are focusing increasingly on digital communication – naturally in compliance with all IT security requirements – and on minimising travel and external contacts.
  • Testing Services: We run our testing services in shifts, pay particular attention to hygiene and disinfection measures and use digital communication as far as possible in test operations, e.g. by using live images or photo documentation.
  • Development Services: We have implemented spatial separation of employees wherever possible and make use of digital communication.
  • Operator Solutions: We have increased spatial separation of our employees, minimise direct contacts, operate in shifts and take  additional hygiene and disinfection measures.
  • Education & Training: We rely on digital solutions, e.g. online training courses.
  • We take special hygiene and disinfection measures wherever direct communication is unavoidable.

With these measures we ensure that our projects can be carried out at the usual standard of quality and without delays or additional costs.
This ensures that the performance and availability of IABG remains unrestricted in all sectors and types of service.
Your personal contacts will continue to be available to you as usual. Even if on-site visits should remain difficult in the coming weeks, you do not have to do without our services.
Do you  have any further questions or would you like to discuss existing or future projects with us?
Then we look forward to hearing from you.