IABG joins DVM working group “Additive Manufacturing”

IABG becomes a member of the newly established working group "Additive Manufacturing" of Deutscher Verband für Materialforschung und - prüfung (German Association for Materials Research and Testing – DVM).


Additive manufacturing is considered trendsetting. The term is used to describe production processes where a component is created by applying material layer by layer on basis of digital 3D construction data. The term "3D printing" is hereby increasingly used as a synonym for additive manufacturing. The new manufacturing process allows the production of highly complex components, for instance using integrated functions, as well as of delicate, yet rigid, high-strength structures.


So far, IABG has been represented as a corporate DVM member in the Fatigue Strength programme committee and in the advisory board by Matthias Decker, head of the "Strength, Function and Materials" division. The DVM Advisory Board has now decided to set up a new working group "Additive Manufacturing". Marion Eiber, responsible for materials analysis, reliability and quality at IABG, will assume this role for IABG. Ms Eiber has long been working in customer projects where additively manufactured components are analysed and optimised. Maintaining existing customer relationships and identifying new customers will play an important role in the new working group.