Lively Media Interest in the Ariane 5 Acoustic Tests in the space Test Centre

Europe's largest space group Astrium is currently working on a more powerful version of the Ariane 5 launch rocket. Ariane 5 will, in the summer of 2002, be launched for the first time using the cryogenic ESC-A (étage superieur cryotechnique) upper stage.

A structural model of the Ariane upper stage was publicly presented in the Space Test Centre as part of the joint press conference held by Astrium and IABG on 19. 02.2002.

The full-sized structural model of the ESC-A measuring more than seven meters in length and with a diameter of over five meters is currently being put through its paces in the IABG Space Test Centre. After modal tests and vibration loads, the next series of tests are acoustic load tests in which the acoustic level of the genuine rocket launch is simulated.

Regional and national press representatives took the opportunity to be present at the test preparations for the pending acoustic tests, to inspect the test specimen and to inform themselves on the significance of the Ariane-5-Plus-Programme, and on the scope and content of the ESC-A test programme.

Further information can be obtained under Press Release (PDF/149 KB/ German Version).