27.06.2018 IABG is pioneering the implementation of cyber defence exercises
04.06.2018 Wireless charging of electric vehicles
09.05.2018 IABG supports SOS Children’s Villages International with the Evaluation of Satellite Images from Syria
02.05.2018 Fatigue strength test for the Bombardier C Series: IABG simulates 180,000 flights
26.04.2018 Oerlikon and IABG partnering to accelerate qualification of additive manufacturing components
02.02.2018 IABG recertified by the BSI as IT security service provider
10.01.2018 IABG acknowledged as test body of EISENBAHN-CERT (EBC)


20.12.2017 Spenden statt schenken: IABG unterstützt Kinderhilfsorganisation
10.11.2017 IABG and Airbus present successfully tested GRACE-FO mission satellites
20.10.2017 Safety & Human Factors Thementage 25./26.10.2017: Autonome Systeme - Hat der Mensch noch die Kontrolle?
20.09.2017 IABG’s Geodata Factory celebrates its tenth anniversary
08.08.2017 IABG new National Instruments Alliance Silver Partner
07.08.2017 IABG becomes development and reseller partner of Planet
11.07.2017 IABG gets GRACE-FO Mission satellites ready for space
19.06.2017 IABG successfully completes calibration tests on Pilatus PC-24 in Dresden
13.06.2017 IABG to Open Germany's Advanced Cyber Range Training FacilityPowered by the Cyberbit Range Platform


28.09.2016 Germanischer Lloyd affirms IABG’s rotor blade testing method
23.09.2016 Keine Anfragen aus China zur Übernahme der Transrapid-Versuchsanlage Emsland
23.09.2016 IABG hosts NATO CAX Forum 2016
22.08.2016 IABG develops digital and mobile log measurement app
08.06.2016 IABG joins DVM working group “Additive Manufacturing”
08.06.2016 IABG sells newly developed test stand VTRC to Audi AG for the first time
18.04.2016 IABG opens new office in Berlin-Mitte
16.02.2016 IABG is consortium partner in the showcase project enera
01.02.2016 Dr. Oliver Kosing takes over as head of IABG's Tests & Analyses department


16.10.2015 Roentgen inspection system for non-destructive testing extends the service spectrum of IABG’s materials testing laboratory
01.10.2015 IABG inaugurates newly established technology centre at Lichtenau location
30.09.2015 IABG develops accelerated method for dynamic rotor blade testing
02.09.2015 IABG successfully completes qualification tests on LISA Pathfinder satellite
26.02.2015 IABG puts new vibration test stand with climatic chamber into operation
24.02.2015 Last public presentation of the Sentinel-2A satellite in IABG’s space test centre


21.11.2014 Rosetta probe reaches its destination: IABG contributed substantially to the mission’s success
22.10.2014 Parliamentary State Secretary Dorothee Bär visits IABG
22.09.2014 IABG lays foundation-stone for a Protection Technology Centre at the Lichtenau location
18.07.2014 IABG accomplishes qualification tests on Sentinel-2A satellite
20.05.2014 IABG successfully completes relevant testing for registration of Airbus A350 XWB EW
20.05.2014 IABG supports qualification of NH90 helicopter
31.01.2014 Change in management at IABG’s InfoCom division
24.01.2014 IABG opens its new office in Koblenz
24.01.2014 IABG updates digital landscape model of Germany - DLM-DE 2012


01.10.2013 Dr. Anita Linseisen joins IABG management team
19.09.2013 IABG: Besuchermagnet am Recruiting-Tag und am Tag der offenen Tür
05.08.2013 IABG Open House Invitation
05.08.2013 Welcome at IABG’s Recruiting Day: We want you!
13.06.2013 A350 XWB centre fuselage section arrives at IABG’s site in Erding to undergo structural testing
27.03.2013 Good ideas pay off: IABG receives ESA Integspace Award
26.03.2013 Ottobrunn Maritime! Multi-national forum hosted by IABG
26.02.2013 IABG präsentiert sich auf der CeBIT 2013, Halle 7, Stand A 17


05.12.2012 IABG eröffnet neues Büro für Raumfahrtprojekte in Kasachstan
26.11.2012 IABG führt Missbrauchstests an sicherheitsrelevanten Komponenten von Fahrzeugen mit alternativen Antrieben durch
02.10.2012 A350 wing arrives at IABG’s site in Erding to undergo structural testing
06.09.2012 IABG opens Geodata Factory in Dresden
06.09.2012 IABG testet erfolgreich Reifen und Crashelemente für Rennteam der TU München
18.06.2012 IABG ist Gastgeber für die Weiterbildungsveranstaltung "Mehrwert von Simulationsunterstützung in der Luftwaffe"
24.05.2012 IABG qualifies newly developed air suspension modules for Vibracoustic premium manufacturers
11.05.2012 IABG puts second cylinder head test stand in operation at the location Ottobrunn
30.03.2012 Go-ahead for Bavarian International Campus Aerospace and Security
20.03.2012 Important milestone for the ACENTISS 45.3 m rotor blade certification
13.03.2012 IABG enlarges "Green Business" with new daughter company INTIS
27.02.2012 IABG presents itself at the CEBIT 2012, Hall 7, Stand A41
17.02.2012 Swarm Media Day at IABG: satellite trio in the media spotlight
30.01.2012 IABG now BSI-certified as IT security provider
23.01.2012 IABG qualifies drive section for the Aquamarine wave power plant


16.12.2011 Bauhaus Luftfahrt welcomes IABG as new member
07.12.2011 IABG establishes reference system for simulation network cross-linkable on a world-wide scale
28.11.2011 Successful earthquake qualification of an electric transmission component on IABG’s multi-axis oscillation table
18.11.2011 IABG weiht neue Testhalle für Strukturversuche am Airbus A350 XWB ein
17.11.2011 IABG is setting up a second cylinder head test stand on its premises in Ottobrunn
08.10.2011 Appointment of Matthias Spott as Managing Director of IABG mbH
07.10.2011 Poland – Gateway to new markets: The newly founded IABG Polska presents itself
23.09.2011 MAJIIC 2 - Multi-Intelligence All source Joint ISR Interoperability Coalition
19.08.2011 IABG tests lightweight car body structures for electric vehicles
05.08.2011 IABG mit nationaler Bauaufsicht für Ariane und Vega beauftragt
15.07.2011 IABG Is Awarded Development and Supply Contract for a High Flexibility Manipulator System (HMS) for Nuclear Emergency Protection
11.07.2011 Head of IABG’s Berlin Branch Appointed Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Inter-branch Organisation SIBB
14.06.2011 Solar-powered Unmanned Aerial Systems solve security tasks
19.05.2011 "50 Years of IABG" – Ceremony with Prime Minister Seehofer and Open House Day
08.04.2011 Intensive Contacts with High-Ranking Visitors at CeBIT 2011
16.03.2011 IABG-organized IT security management training with ISO 27001 based on the Basic IT Protection Standards defined by the BSI for employees of integrated control centres


06.11.2010 Leading geo information providers update Germany’s digital landscape model
15.09.2010 Kayser-Threde satellite in our test house: IABG performing environmental qualification for TET-1
09.09.2010 5. NATO CAX Forum 2010
19.07.2010 Modernised multi-axis shaker enlarges IABG‘s test stand portfolio
06.07.2010 IABG Co-founder of the new Brandenburg Institute for Society and Security
26.06.2010 US Army Corps of Engineers concludes framework contract with ARGE ITAM VIII
11.06.2010 Visit IABG at the Eurosatory 2010
29.04.2010 TanDEM-X – Die Erde in drei Dimensionen
12.03.2010 Automatic half-axle test bench with air spring and shock absorber system
08.03.2010 IABG auf der CeBIT 2010
06.02.2010 Visit IABG at ILA 2010
05.01.2010 Airbus A400M “lands” at IABG’s Dresden site


24.11.2009 Erfolgreiche Auftaktveranstaltung von Open-IABG
11.11.2009 Open-IABG: Eine neue Veranstaltungsreihe der IABG für Kunden und Partner
24.09.2009 German Aerospace Day a Resounding Success!
07.09.2009 IABG Welcomes You to German Aerospace Day
07.07.2009 IABG Lichtenau feierte 40-jähriges Bestehen
18.06.2009 IABG contracted to carry out qualification tests at Swarm satellite fleet
09.04.2009 IABG methodically implements the flat track tyre test stand into the parameter generation process


10.11.2008 Successful recertification of IABG within the division aeronautics and space according to EN/AS 9100
29.10.2008 IABG inaugurates new A400M test hangar
25.09.2008 IABG develops test facility for Continental
01.08.2008 IABG carries out flight tests with the regional aircraft "Dornier 228 New Generation" in Oberpfaffenhofen
26.03.2008 IABG commences operation of new environmental simulation chamber
06.03.2008 IABG and integranova cooperate in the consolidation of application platforms and in service-orientated architectures
25.01.2008 Joint computer-assisted exercise of NATO and Russian Forces on IABG premises


05.12.2007 IABG supports the Free State of Saxony during the development of the “Saxon Administration Network”
13.11.2007 IABG commences operation of innovative cylinder head test stand
10.10.2007 Free State of Bavaria bundles GMES skills – IABG to act as spokesperson for the initiative
06.09.2007 IABG opens its doors on German Aerospace Day
19.07.2007 Behind the scenes at the IABG
31.05.2007 Protection for our soldiers is more important than ever - IABG hosts a visit from the Förderkreis Deutsches Heer (FKH)
14.05.2007 ARIANE National Surveillance Authority – IABG awarded major contract by the ESA
08.05.2007 5th German Armed Forces aerial photography symposium at IABG
16.04.2007 Aerospace Testing Expo hailed a success
12.04.2007 Successful HiMoNN demonstration by IABG at Cebit 2007
29.01.2007 Focus on the future: DWT focus group meeting at the IABG


22.09.2006 Transrapid accident
03.08.2006 Integrated Control Centre simulator in Geretsried goes operational – IABG praised for successful project management
24.07.2006 IABG founds award for outstanding scientific achievements in the area of "defence and security"
08.07.2006 TerraSAR-X: Germany’s radar satellite stops over at IABG’s space centre
28.06.2006 IABG computer network prepares security forces and soldiers for mission deployment – Testing as part of ELITE 2006 successfully completed
05.06.2006 ILA 2006 – A Total Success
12.05.2006 The most important event for the aerospace industry – visit us at the ILA 2006 in Berlin
07.04.2006 IABG and CAM GmbH cooperate in test management
23.03.2006 IABG supports Hessen in launch of digital radio for authorities
09.03.2006 IABG opens new technology centre
08.03.2006 Expectations exceeded: IABG-LSS remains on course for success with 40% sales growth
31.01.2006 IABG to bundle security expertise in south-eastern Munich


10.11.2005 IABG joins SAIC to bid for NATO ALTBMD contract
05.10.2005 IABG facilitates flight test for Saab Aerosystems
11.08.2005 Mars balloon Archimedes successfully tested
29.07.2005 IABG puts state-of-the art flat track tyre test stand into operation
22.06.2005 LiMux: IABG supports state capital Munich with introduction of Linux
15.06.2005 Technical service provider IABG: Fatigue test on A380 on time
15.06.2005 IABG is presenting its testing and simulation expertise at Europe’s largest aerospace show
14.06.2005 Expansion of simulation and test expertise with concrete exercises such as Virtual Elite - VIRTEL
22.04.2005 IABG tests spoilers of the new A380 ahead of imminent first flight of the new “mega” Airbus
13.04.2005 Expectations fulfilled: IABG-LSS on track for success
05.04.2005 Airbus President Forgeard visits A380 Test Centre at Dresden
16.03.2005 IABG takes over flight testing competence from Dornier to enhance test palette
01.03.2005 22.5 Tons of Moving Mass - Vibration Tests on Ariane 5 EPS Upper Stage
17.02.2005 IABG selects Eutelsat for fully secure satellite-based broadband solutions in Europe, North Africa, Middle East
03.02.2005 Airbus A380: Safety is Focus – on both Large and Small Scale
19.01.2005 IABG invests EUR 28 million in new Technology Centre
04.01.2005 IABG-led cooperation strengthens European security research


20.10.2004 The President of Paraguay visits the A380 test hall in Dresden
23.09.2004 Airbus A380 fuselage sections arrive in Dresden – closure of the motorway for transport to airport
18.09.2004 Aerospace: See and touch
17.09.2004 IABG qualifies CryoSat for an “ice-cold” mission
11.09.2004 Airbus A380: Structural tests in Dresden
10.09.2004 “Space Day” on Saturday 18th September 2004
07.09.2004 V-model® XT – the new standard for public-sector IT planning is shortly to be published
12.08.2004 IABG receives NASA award
06.08.2004 IABG is pushing the new Internet standard "IPv6 via Satellite"
02.08.2004 TerraSAR-X makes interim stop in Ottobrunn
20.07.2004 On track for success: IABG forms new subsidiary
14.05.2004 IABG tests the Pilatus PC-21 for stability and fatigue
14.05.2004 With TEXnet to ELITE 2004
14.05.2004 Successful on Crete with SIMBURG
28.04.2004 ILA 2004 in Berlin - The Top Event of the Aerospace Industry is Coming up
11.03.2004 Rosetta – Well-Equipped for Its Rendezvous
02.03.2004 Europe's Most Modern Communal Data Network Goes Into Operation in Saxony
27.02.2004 AMOS 2 Communications Satellite Successfully Launched
27.01.2004 It will function without paper - Electronic Signature


12.12.2003 New Test Hangar for the Airbus A380 was opened in Dresden
20.10.2003 New Bitkom Guideline on IT Security – IABG is Co-Author
23.09.2003 Demonstrator for Secure Satellite Transmissions Successfully Installed with ESA
04.08.2003 More Security against Terrorism
24.07.2003 Structure Tests on the 728-100 Production Prototype have been re-commenced
12.06.2003 IABG Life Sciences Solutions - eCTDmanager a continuous success story
20.05.2003 IABG supports the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment
17.04.2003 IABG as a Founding Member of the German IPv6 Task Force
27.03.2003 HIL System Test Stands for Active Steering Systems for BMW
16.01.2003 New EMC and Acoustics Laboratories in the IABG Space Test Centre


10.12.2002 IABG with New Shareholding Structure
12.11.2002 A380-Tests in Dresden - Airbus Awards Contract to IABG
02.10.2002 The development of the New Armoured Infantry Vehicle "Puma" – an example of the use of "MILSim Heer" (military simulation for the Army)
08.09.2002 The IABG Space Test Centre Open Day was highly successful
01.08.2002 IABG Offers IT Security Certificate in accordance with German Information Security Agency Basic Protection Guidelines
19.07.2002 The Compound Materials Aircraft Working Group Met for the 50th. Time
17.06.2002 VERNET for more security in transactions in the internet - Best practice examples as incentives for innovation
07.05.2002 Airbus A340-600 placed under permanent stress
12.04.2002 Spectacular Transport of the 728 from Fairchild Dornier to IABG
25.02.2002 Lively Media Interest in the Ariane 5 Acoustic Tests in the space Test Centre
15.01.2002 Teleport - private satellite networks
14.01.2002 New Mobile Telephone Sites by means of Calculation - Sponsor Funds Invested Sensibly


28.11.2001 Start of the Airbus A340-600 Fatigue Test in Dresden
21.11.2001 CYTEX - Cyber Terror Exercise at IABG