Award management

The pace of innovation in information and communication technology is breathtakingly fast. Today, public and industrial procurement is more regulated than ever before, making it increasingly difficult to tender services for public clients and for tenderers to prepare sound and economic proposals.

Award consulting

In this context, both the structuring of tendering invitations, as well as the preparation of competitive tenders requires specific know-how when it comes to tendering processes, technical details and award law.
Our telematics, communication and IT system experts are specialised in comprehensive advice with such highly complex and technical awarding procedures, both for contracting authorities, as well as tenderers.

Our specialist priorities

  • BOS digital radio
  • Integrated control centres
  • National and government networks
  • Satellite communication
  • Toll systems
  • Civil and military ITC
  • Security solutions
  • ITC operation
  • ITC framework contracts
  • SharePoint solutions

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IANUS – Tendering support services

Our understanding of roles, tasks and constraints of the respective counterpart help you optimally adapt to the needs of your partners. Since every issue can be seen from two sides, we call this basic principle of the dual orientation of our service portfolio

IANUS – IABG Angebotsunterstützungs-Service – for tenderers and awarding authorities.


Proposals for public clients

Based on own experience gathered as tenderers and in the course of many years of consulting public, industrial and private clients in numerous tendering procedures, we know how to structure performance descriptions and award systems, allowing tenderers to optimally position their proposal in the respective market environment. With this background, our specialists help awarding authorities to:

  • prepare clear and unambiguous tender documents,
  • attract the best and most economical quotes available on the market,
  • offer technical and economic room for manoeuvre
  • Our objective is creating the optimal tender from your perspective.

    The results are competitive tenders, in line with market requirements (e.g., when creating lots and specifications) allowing you to find the best suited tenderer to provide the required service at the best price.

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    The “living” awarding authority

    You work for an awarding body or are responsible for inviting tenders for a complex telematics, communication or IT system? You neither have the staff, nor the expertise to prepare or carry out such a complex award procedure? You have lost hope to create a new position for this project?

    We are more than familiar with these problems. Profit from our experience. We have specialised in preparing and implementing complex telematics, communication or IT system award procedures. With our extensive know-how we support you with and consult on all types of award procedures, such as restricted procedures, competitive dialogue, negotiated procedures or procedures below thresholds.

    The concept of a “living award authority” is new to you? As a matter of fact, this is a term we shaped ourselves, because we found that especially small-sized authorities or bodies have staff difficulties implementing award procedures in compliance with legal requirements and bigger sized ones are often stretched.

    We are available to support you upon request and will immediately answer your questions. For standard procurement items, such as PCs, monitors, servers or storage components our specialists are happy to provide ready-made solutions that we can tailor to your needs at short notice. But also when it comes to complex communication systems (e. g., satellite systems) or infrastructures (such as state networks), we have always supported our customers to their fullest satisfaction. This ad-hoc consulting service can for instance be based on a framework contract you resort to upon request.

    We support you with the following tasks:


    Award issues – Saving award procedures and tenders

    You are employed in an awarding authority or are responsible for inviting tenders for a complex telematics, communication or IT system and have successfully mastered to verify the suitability of tenderers. However, three days after inviting tenders which – in your opinion – are eligible, you are overcome by a strange feeling. Would it have been wiser to consult someone to assist with this complex procedure, especially in light of the many question on part of the tenderers? To make matters worse, you received a letter of complaint from a tenderer just yesterday, who complains about the assessment procedure you had outlined in such detail.

    If you now have the feeling that support is required, you can of course directly consult a legal expert. However, often problems simply occur due to

    • ambiguous wording of functional or technical requirements
    • incomprehensible description of the award procedure.

    We can contribute to “save” your award procedures without invalidating the overall procedure enabling you to meet the intended deadlines after all.
    If you are already facing pending action, we are happy to broker the services of a professional public procurement law specialists.

    You require additional information? Please contact us via vergabe(at)
    or simply call: +4989-6088-2352 (Thomas Holländer).


    Preparation of proposals

    You are a first-time bidder for a public tender or have already submitted proposals for public tenders that were not considered?

    Our specialists know

    • how public clients work
    • which processes are relevant
    • the typical pitfalls of award procedures.


    A missing signature or just one “must criterion” that has not been met, and the seemingly secure award is off the table. Resort to IABG’s know-how and experience to significantly improve the quality of your proposal and to ensure that it is not prematurely excluded from the procedure, merely on formal grounds.

    Due to our many years of experience with numerous award procedures, we are able to outline to you the aspects which are particularly important and relevant for awarding authorities allowing them to perform legally binding and incontestable tender processes – often hidden behind a wall of excessive formality. We help you to

    • prepare award compliant proposals
    • avoid potential formal pitfalls
    • identify sweet spots of the public client and  
    • develop attractive and profitable service and price proposals on that basis.

    At the end of the process you receive proposals specifically tailored to the respective tender.

    You require additional information? Please contact us via vergabe(at)
    or simply call: +4989-6088-2352 (Thomas Holländer).


    Technical consulting in cooperation with legal experts

    You were assigned to legally assist an award procedure for an IT or communication system and have difficulties to follow your client’s technical jargon? As your partner, we are able to act as interpreter between you and the specialist department in such cases. After all, also your technical partners might find it difficult to understand and implement your legal requirements. "Being familiar" with both sides, we consider ourselves “intermediaries between the two worlds“, the world of technicians on the one and the legal and award management experts on the other hand.

    Together with you, we are also capable of replying to complaints in a suitable and qualified manner and to get pending award procedures that are facing difficulties, such as an unusually high number of questions of tenderers, back on track.

    We are furthermore able to help you successfully contest award procedures where your clients feel disadvantaged. After all, mistakes do not only happen in the legal field. Attorneys often fail to identify technical errors.

    You require additional information? Please contact us via vergabe(at)
    or simply call: +4989-6088-2352 (Thomas Holländer).


    Integrated cooperation with legal experts

    One of the distinctive characteristics of our service portfolio is our capability and practical experience when it comes to designing, planning, but also operating complex telematics, communication and IT systems. This expertise helps us to avoid mistakes often made when procuring such complex, technical systems.

    We translate the requirements of our customers so that they are understood, on the one hand, by the legal experts in charge of ensuring the legal certainty of the award procedure and the providers, who need to be able to navigate through the tender as well as the tenderers on the other, who require a certain level of discretion when it comes to planning and calculation issues, enabling them to submit competitive and attractive proposals in the first place. Due to the integrated and smooth cooperation with legal procurement experts we can ultimately offer the most profitable solution as desired by the client, all based on a waterproof and clear contract which not only incorporates service aspects during its term, but also considers problems and migration costs at the contracts beginning and end.

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    Award formulae – Key for awards in line with procurement law

    The assessment of proposals requires a high level of experience. It includes the design of the right assessment systematics, the development of suitable assessment criteria and the selection of a matching award formula, the calculation of the most economically advantageous tender can be based on.

    We have gathered our considerations on and examinations of various award formulae in form of a white paper series:

    • “Recently at the awarding authority”
      Outlines what can happen, if the award formula fails.

    • “Comparison of weak points of award formulae”
      Details and background information on the award formula

    If you would like to be informed about the publication of new white papers, please, contact us via bartsch(at)

    You require additional information on award and assessment systems? Please contact us via vergabe(at)
    or simply call: +4989-6088-3961 (Wolfgang Bartsch).