Dismantling of nuclear facilities

The focus of our services when dismantling nuclear facilities is on the technical and quality-assurance level in mechanical and civil engineering. We support you in the planning phase and accompany you throughout all phases in the decommissioning and removal of nuclear units - from consulting on essential disassembly technology or approval procedures, all the way to qualified auditing. We examine nuclear facilities and all quality-assurance measures required in the dismantling process on the highest technical level. Using an interdisciplinary approach and considering realistic risk scenarios, tests as well as controlling requirements, we tailor solutions to our customers' needs.

  • Planning, project support and consulting in the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear power plants (mechanical and civil engineering)
  • Concept planning all the way to the preparation of contract documents
  • Expert assessment with regard to dismantling techniques
  • Development, definition and execution of tests and quality-assurance measures required when disassembling nuclear facilities

Planning, consultation, production and project support

  • Project management, project support
  • Technical planning/ consulting
    • CAD construction and simulation (kinetics and multi-body simulation - MBS)
    • Linear and non-linear FE analyses, flow simulations
    • EMSR technology planning
    • Planning disassembly techniques/ disassembly processes
    • Evaluation of various dismantling techniques
    • Preparation of specifications
    • Radiology/ radiation protection
    • Technical support of approval procedures
    • Structural consulting
    • Preparation and support of acceptance procedures

Disassembly technology consulting

  • Examination of concepts and preparation of dismantling appraisals
    (Consulting already in the concept phase)
  • Support in form of partial audits/acceptances
  • Examination of the mock-up test programme
  • Acceptances of mock-up tests
  • Test support/ execution
  • Appraisals and preparation of partial appraisals on disassembly techniques
  • Executions of plant acceptance audits
  • Execution of construction site acceptance audits
  • Commissioning (start-up) acceptance audits
    • Audit schemes
    • Audit reports
  • Technical support in the context of the supervisory procedure (dismantling support)
  • Dismantling support
  • Radiation protection and radiology

Execution of audits and quality-assurance measures for operators of nuclear facilities

  • Verifications of concepts and planning
  • Risk analysis, FMEA
  • Planning and implementation of test tasks
    • Earthquake tests for component structures
    • Vibration analyses
  • Technical audits, acceptances (mechanical engineering and control)

Fire and particle propagation

  • Fire propagation during the dismantling procedure
  • Particle dispersion caused by wind
  • Fire spread (Castor container)


  • KKW Niederaichbach
    • Consulting for the entire disassembly technology
  • Dismantling the reactors of the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
    • MZFR
    • KNK
    • FR2
  • Energiewerke Nord (EWN)
    • Decommissioning of the WAK