Dismantling of nuclear facilities

Planning, consultation, production and project support

  • Project management, project support
  • Technical planning/ consulting
    • CAD construction and simulation (kinetics and multi-body simulation - MBS)
    • Linear and non-linear FE analyses, flow simulations
    • EMSR technology planning
    • Planning disassembly techniques/ disassembly processes
    • Evaluation of various dismantling techniques
    • Preparation of specifications
    • Radiology/ radiation protection
    • Technical support of approval procedures
    • Structural consulting
    • Preparation and support of acceptance procedures

Disassembly technology consulting

  • Examination of concepts and preparation of dismantling appraisals
    (Consulting already in the concept phase)
  • Support in form of partial audits/acceptances
  • Examination of the mock-up test programme
  • Acceptances of mock-up tests
  • Test support/ execution
  • Appraisals and preparation of partial appraisals on disassembly techniques
  • Executions of plant acceptance audits
  • Execution of construction site acceptance audits
  • Commissioning (start-up) acceptance audits
    • Audit schemes
    • Audit reports
  • Technical support in the context of the supervisory procedure (dismantling support)
  • Dismantling support
  • Radiation protection and radiology

Execution of audits and quality-assurance measures for operators of nuclear facilities

  • Verifications of concepts and planning
  • Risk analysis, FMEA
  • Planning and implementation of test tasks
    • Earthquake tests for component structures
    • Vibration analyses
  • Technical audits, acceptances (mechanical engineering and control)

Fire and particle propagation

  • Fire propagation during the dismantling procedure
  • Particle dispersion caused by wind
  • Fire spread (Castor container)


  • KKW Niederaichbach
    • Consulting for the entire disassembly technology
  • Dismantling the reactors of the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
    • MZFR
    • KNK
    • FR2
  • Energiewerke Nord (EWN)
    • Decommissioning of the WAK