Professional Mobile Radio for Public Safety Organisations

Efficient communication solutions form the central nervous system of companies, administrations as well as governmental bodies, authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS). They are the basic precondition for secure communication and economic success.

Modern communication has many facets. Whether voice, data or multi-media applications – we offer profound know-how in all areas of communication technology.

Several federal states have already started the large scale introduction of digital voice and data radio communication for authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS). In the years to come BOS organisations such as the police, fire brigades and emergency services are to be able to use digital radio on a uniform federal level. Quite a challenging task IABG supports with technical competence and experience.

However, not only for BOS organisations digital radio is going to play a major role, especially in the field of indoor coverage, fair premises, airports, train stations, etc. will face major challenges. You can exploit the know-how of our experts even today.

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Professional Mobile Radio for Public Safety Organisations

IABG are impartial to individual manufacturers and independent and supports project groups of federal and state authorities when implementing and integrating the digital BOS radio technology. As a rule, we have security contracts with BOS organisations featuring ALBD systems.

IABG experts are able to resort to extensive competencies and experience:

  • Specific knowledge of various mobile radio technologies and standards, in particular TETRA
  • Specific knowledge in planning and operating digital BOS radio systems
  • Modelling of processes in line with ITIL and their implementation in digital BOS radio
  • Preparation of (operation) concepts and (operation) manuals
  • Structured preparation, moderation and implementation of workshops, also with heterogeneous interest and expert groups

Our support service comprise conceptual design, but also independently and autonomously tackling issues starting with project coordination, up to the operative implementation.

With our experience and specific know-how in digital BOS radio, we offer support, in particular, on the following issues:


Indoor coverage

In the medium term it is necessary to update analogue indoor systems to digital radio standards in addition to a comprehensive large area radio coverage. These analogue systems can often be found in public buildings, such as fair premises, sports stadia, underground stations/tunnels and train stations, but also in private used buildings, like department stores or parking garages.

The individual states are responsible for harmonising the BOS organisation standards in line with their own, tactical requirements (e.g., DMO or TMO, permanent or non-permanent). In case of regular operation, interruption-free radio communication will have to be guaranteed for these objects in future as well, thus requiring solutions in line with BOS requirements which can be implemented and which are – above all – financially affordable.

With our specific expertise both with regard to technical aspects and operational tactics we support our customers with the

  • analysis of the state-specific characteristics and by developing comprehensive concepts
  • Information of object owners and operation agreements
  • Developing digital indoor systems, in particular with regard to
    • Coordination of interferences between indoor radio systems
    • Outdoor coverage
    • Review and approval on part of BOS organisations
  • Analysis, assessment und selection of new system technology components considering strategic, technical, organisational and economic aspects
  • Definition of interfaces between users, owners and BOS organisations
  • Migration planning
  • Technological implementation support in line with the coverage concept
  • Verification of newly installed radio system



    Alerting is an integral component ensuring the operational availability of German BOS organisations and serves the purpose of mobilising forces in emergency situations. In addition to that, alerting can also be used to control remote systems (sirens, gate and lighting control system, etc.).

    Some states intend to alert forces via digital radio networks across the entire area of responsibility in future; a novelty police standby services will surely benefit from as well. The advantages of integrating alerting in digital radio systems are:

    • a uniform, digital radio network for all BOS organisations on state level
    • a greater range of functionality compared to existing systems (e.g., feedback)
    • higher capacities
    • data services
    • security (transmission, comprehensibility, data protection)
    • one operator, maintenance, spare part systems technology.

    We offer the following services to you:

    • analysis of strategic aspects
    • definition and harmonisation of tactile requirements (active/passive alerting, capacity, availability, redundancy, security, etc.)
    • analysis of organisational aspects, such as cost bearing and operation
    • analysis, assessment and selection of system technology features
    • profitability assessments
    • migration planning
    • implementation support 




    Digital radio connection of control centres

    IABG supports the conception and coordination when connecting police and non-police control centres with

    • overall system architecture concepts detailing the technical connection of control centres
    • planning (rough and detailed planning) to develop the necessary infrastructure and connecting police control centres, regional control centres as well as authorised bodies to switching centres
    • development, coordination and assessment of various network concepts facilitating control centre migration
    • developing requirements when upgrading control centres, mission control operation control systems of police control centres as well as the infrastructure of the authorised bodies
    • conceptual design of decentralised system components for command centre including interim solutions
    • sample specifications for implementing BOS digital radio system
    • award support for the industrial sector
    • creation of pilot platforms to test conception drafts
    • coordination and consolidation of joint connection components between police and non-police organisations
    • migration support for control centres from analogue to digital radio
    • project coordination for the connection of control centres (project planning, coordination and management with regard to schedule, resources and costs)
    • active support in the working group of the BOS organisations of the federal states