Geodata service factory


Our Geodata service provides consulting and other services around the topics of Geodata and Geoinformatics. We support our customers, in particular, in the areas of geodata capturing and geoinformatics as well as in project-related quality assurance and project management.

We are service provider for remote sensing and photogrammetry and work on customer orders in a military or non-military context. This includes solutions in the field of topographic and thematic mapping, land registry/surveying and land-use planning. Our local customers come from the sectors of spatial planning; land, forest and water management; environmental protection; telecommunications; and from utilities supply and disposal organisations.

With a staff of more than 70 specialists, IABG’s Geodata service has a broad range of professional expertise at its disposal, especially in the branches of geodesy, geography, cartography and geoinformatics as well as in forestry science, geology and geophysics. With its Geodata Factory, IABG is present in Dresden since 2007 and offers services primarily for production, research and development.


    Geodata acquisition

    Geodata acquisition is the basic element for the gathering of information from remote sensing data and is the foundation for spatial analysis and visualisation. Only high-quality geodata and the ensuing processes and applications can lead to reliable results which in turn provide a solid basis for well-founded decisions.

    IABG looks back on many years of experience in the field of geodata acquisition. Alongside pure vectorisation, the high-priority focus of today's projects is on the acquisition of associated attribute data. Our adaptable production environment permits us to collect data flexibly and efficiently according to customer specifications. Particular attention is paid here to continuous test routines which ensure a high degree of quality.



    Our services


    Geodata quality assurance

    When we talk about geodata production, it is much more than a matter of generating point, line, and surface objects. The IABG Geodata Service develops quality management schemes based on the application of ISO standards concerning geodata and tailored to each customer's specific data. IABG employs established multi-stage process chains to assure the quality of customer data. Here, both the spatial components (geometry) and the thematic components (attribute data) are integrated in the test routines which can be implemented in the IT structure using our own software developments or add-ons to existing customer applications.

    IABG itself has introduced an efficient quality management system (QM) based on the requirements of ISO 9001. This system is constantly updated and uses an environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001.

    Our services

    • Geodata quality management
    • Development and implementation of multi-stage QA workflows
    • Software development for quality control


    Planning/consulting in the field of geodata and GIS

    Planning and consulting are two of the core activities of IABG. Our aim is to provide our business customers with the best possible alternatives for successful execution of a project before the project starts. Our versatile and experienced specialists and their networking with each other ensure that we can draw from a deep well of experience to answer any number of questions.

    We have extensive experience in these fields: