General contractor for special test benches

General contractor for special test benches

As general contractor, we realise large test benches for our customers and implement them on site in the existing infrastructure or, if necessary, we create the environment required. We focus on building innovative test facilities offering for the first time a network of different technical systems.

Our service portfolio

  • Feasibility studies
    A feasibility study is always the first step towards implementing large-scale test bench. We analyse the task, develop and evaluate different solutions and accompany their implementation as requested. We advise and support you in drafting specifications and invitations to tender.
  • Planning and configuration
    We draft the detailed configuration and construction plans for you for implementation of the test bench. .
  • Test environment consultation and analysis
    We plan and analyse the testing environment, determine the actual status and establish the optimisation potential.
  • Construction supervision, project management
    Our experts assume commissioning and acceptance inspection of your test bench on site.
  • Modernisation of test benches
    We bring your test benches up to the latest state of the art. In addition to standard products, we also use self-developed controller systems.
  • Realisation of test benches
    Our highly qualified experts assume responsibility for turnkey erection of your test bench on site.

Examples/ references

  • Road simulator with climate chamber and solar simulation
  • Hot gas generator on shaker in temperature chamber
  • Cylinder head test bench
  • Thermo-mechanical exhaust gas system test bench with dummy vehicle
  • Hydraulic multi-axis vibration table