HiMoNN (mobile ad-hoc network)

You require a flexible communication solution – independent of existing infrastructures? Your communication solution must work reliably – even under the most adverse environmental conditions? Your audio, video and data applications require broadband communication? You have highest requirements when it comes to security and reliability? Simple and user-friendly operation is an essential pre-condition for you?

Your solution: HiMoNN – mobile, secure and versatile!


HiMoNN features

  • Flexibility
    • HiMoNN offers a communication solution also for operating sites without fixed infrastructures
    • HiMoNN optimises the communication solution dynamically – also for mobile users
    • HiMoNN is designed for mobile use in vehicles, stationary application or as portable communication solution
  • Broadband performance
    • HiMoNN allows for data transfer rates of up to 28 Mbit/s (Version 3) and/or 6.5 Mbit/s (Version 2) between individual HiMoNN nodes
    • HiMoNN offers sufficient bandwidth for audio, video and data applications
  • Security
    • HiMoNN guarantees the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of data transferred
    • HiMoNN uses efficient, officially approved security mechanisms (in line with BSI standards)
  • Wide range
    • The average range between two HiMoNN devices is 2 km
    • With the HiMoNN relay function also wider ranges can be realised without problems
    • Distances of over 15 km can be realised under line-of-sight conditions and with suitable antennas
  • Versatility
    • HiMoNN is user-friendly, can be installed fast and intuitively used. Users are thus able to concentrate on their actual tasks from the very start.
    • HiMoNN interconnects standard devices such as laptops, PDAs, smartphones, video cameras, etc., thus enabling users to work in their usual IT environment.
    • HiMoNN supports numerous audio, video and data applications and is thus suited for a variety of application scenarios.
    • Due to its wide range, HiMoNN is economically efficient (reduced number of communication nodes), works without infrastructures and the use of standard end devices is possible.
    • Via gateway, HiMoNN can be connected to a wide area network without any problems, enabling real-time data exchange between application site and remote switching or control centres.
    • HiMoNN is robust. Due to its extended temperature range and resistance against splashing water and dust it is ideally suited for use under most adverse environmental conditions.


Communication in case of disaster or major incidents

  • Alternative solution for destroyed and over-burdened communication infrastructures, e.g., mobile radio, TETRA, land lines
  • Use of HiMoNN for on-site communication of emergency forces
  • Connection of deployment site to a remote control centre


Mobile on-site communication

  • Ad-hoc setup of an autonomous, broadband communication infrastructure at the deployment site
  • Communication und coordination of forces via voice and data transfer
  • Video data transfer to mobile command posts
  • Realisation of a wide-area connection to a control centre


Surveillance of critical infrastructures

  • Site surveillance via cameras
  • Permanent monitoring of the security sensor technology
  • communication and data exchange between control centres, e.g., transfer of sensor and measuring data to the headquarters


Surveillance of major events

  • Interconnection of individual deployment points on site, e.g., admission checks, emergency centre, headquarters, etc.
  • Exchange of video, image and measurement data or of other mission control information


More informations

Additional Information on the subject HiMoNN – Highly Mobile Network Node is available here.