Implementation and attendance of complex IT projects

Projects require active management to be successful, thus making them time- and labour-intensive. When following the motto: “Let’s get started first, then we’ll see where we are going” a project is doomed to fail from the very start. Basis of every successful project is a meticulously planned project kick-off that needs to incorporate the following issues:

  • goals and expectations
  • project environment and stakeholder analysis
  • risk management
  • project organisation
  • project planning
  • resource planning
  • communication and reporting

Why are these aspects so important?

To ensure the project’s progress, the project stakeholders all have to move in the same direction. However, they can only do so, if they are aware of the project targets. The better their expectations are considered, the stronger their pull, i.e., the higher their motivation.

The project environment analysis determines influence factors and framework conditions (e.g., statutory requirements, and environmental influences) relevant for the project, providing the first risk management objectives which can then form the basis for possibly required countermeasures.

Are you aware of all the stakeholders, in particular the ones working against your project? No? Then it is high time you deal with these issues and integrate them into your project and/or to keep them in the loop on a regular basis.

Clear decision-making procedures and responsibilities can only be found, if an adequate project organisation has been implemented. Do not underestimate the line function which competes for your resources; i.e., you also need to consider project and resource planning aspects.

Project management is 80% communication: regularly inform all stakeholders about the project status so that everyone is up-to-date at all times. Advertise your project, to ensure that it is optimally supported and advanced by all parties involved, in particular by the management. Project progress and successful milestones help you to substantiate this with communication and reporting being essential priorities.

With its experienced project managers, IABG supports you with all aspects. Our project managers excel with the following certifications:

  • GPM - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V.
  • ICB Standard
  • IPMA -International Project Management Association
  • PMI – Project Management Institute
  • V-Modell

We support the entire project life cycle, from project kick-off up to the acceptance stage. IABG has specialised in the types of projects listed below. If you are about to kick-off a project or need help with a project in difficulties – contact us!


Network and infrastructure projects

Are you on the verge of awarding a network and infrastructure project or are you still unclear about the target or the right approach? No matter which stage you are in: we are here to support you.

Not sure where the journey will lead you?
We offer advice, on current network technologies & architectures before starting a project. Whether integration of voice and data (VoIP), modern network architectures, optimally supporting your users and applications or the IPv6 implementation/migration. We will provide you with a network and/or infrastructure concept, individually tailored to your needs.

Your technical concept is ready, but you still need to convince your management and/or are obligated to demonstrate economic viability in line with §7 of the Federal Budget Code (BHO)?
We outline the advantages of your technical solutions. For this purpose we apply the net present value method (quantitative, monetary aspects) in connection with a utility analysis (qualitative aspects) and/or perform a profitability analysis (WiBe) in the field of public administration and support you when preparing a cabinet bill.

When it comes to the monetary aspects, we are able to resort to extensive benchmark values gathered in the course of numerous relevant projects. Further findings are generated via market analyses, we regularly perform.

Concept approved, but a suitable provider for its implementation is yet to be found?
We support you in all award process phases. With our specific market knowledge, we furthermore contribute invaluable added value in the award process, in particular when it comes to the determination of assessment criteria to ensure the comparability of tenders.

Contract signed and/or awarded?
With a consistent project controlling of the provider we guarantee the smooth technical transfer to your new network and/or infrastructure. We support you in cases of (contract) modifications and protect you from unjustified claims. We ultimately assist you in the acceptance phase and ensure that you really receive the contractually stipulated services from you provider.

What is sadly too often forgotten: your users! They will be accounted for via accompanying change management measures thus ensuring that the new solution is accepted.

The project is concluded – what about standard operation?
Together with a partner, we also take care of your post project issues:

  • Service monitoring
  • Error management
  • Performance management
  • Active and passive measuring methods

And let us not forget; technological development is faster than you might think. It thus could be time to discuss a new network and/or infrastructure concept!


Software development projects

You are on the verge of awarding a software development project or you already have a software developer and require support with the project implementation and quality assurance?

The management of IABG software development projects is based on the federal process model (V-Modell XT), in whose development we have played a key role. All project roles are determined in form and content. This applies to all competencies and responsibilities, all tasks including the respective content, scope, contact and scheduling, as well as to all project results (“products”) with the matching conditions, dependencies, etc. All products are subject to quality assurance and an explicit acceptance before they are released. With the so-called tailoring, we are able to specifically apply the concretely needed scope of V-model rules and requirements in the course of the project.

In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Project management support and/or assumption of partial control for the implementation project
  • Management of an external software solution provider and coordination of all subprojects with the internal project team
  • Coordination of all interfaces with external and internal partners when implementing the new software solution
  • Processing of all relevant information for the project management and, if required, coordination of critical developments with the steering committee
  • Project controlling especially of the economic factors in line with the framework conditions agreed in the specifications and contract documents
  • Quality assurance of the software developer planning and results, as well as acceptance
  • Test coordination, test case development and implementation
  • Preparing to put the system into operation
  • Change management measures (staff involvement, internal communication, project marketing, rollout preparation)
  • Strategic project management consulting in cases of renegotiations and contract adjustments

We rely on the experience of our employees and keep their qualification up-to-date at the same time. Especially for software development projects our employees have the relevant certifications in the field of the V-model (V Model XT Pro, PING or Asor).

Specifically as regards software tests, we cooperate with a partner whose staff is certified in line with the ISTQB, IREB and QAMP standards.


IT organisation projects

  • Your project has already failed to meet cost and scheduling targets?
  • The measures taken so far did not show any impact?
  • The court of auditors has been made aware of your project?
  • The pressure you face increases on a day-to-day basis?

At this point, it makes sense to involve an external consultant who talks to all project stakeholders and gets an idea of the situation.

Based on this evaluation of the situation, which we perform in line with proven patterns and our own methodology, we are able to uncover problems fast. Here, consultants regularly find themselves in a position where they also might have to confront the client with uncomfortable truths. At the end of the day, however, it is not a matter of pointing fingers, but rather of finding ways to overcome the deadlock at hand.

The evaluation is followed by the most difficult phase, the reorganisation itself. The important consideration here is to develop a functional project organisation considering the political circumstances and in close coordination with the client. For this purpose, ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) offers a complex toolbox of methods which is to be tailored to the specific situation and conditions while applying both experience and pragmatism.


System implementation projects

IABG supports the development and implementation of complex ITC systems by independently and responsibly tackling the issues at hand in a step by step approach, beginning from project controlling up to the operational implementation, among others, in the following areas:

General support

  • Project management including planning and controlling, QM, risk management
  • Roll out planning
  • Development of end-to the end system concepts
  • Cost-effectiveness studies
  • Production of technical specifications / contract documents
  • Evaluation and assessment of manufacturers’ offers
  • Public relations support
  • Information events

Planning, development and verification of ITC systems

  • Radio network planning
  • Technical planning from base stations to antenna systems
  • Planning radio network connections to the access network (landline and radio relay system)
  • Planning of indoor radio communication systems, including definition of the interface between users and object owners
  • Analysis and selection of radio sites, including site certificate application and location documentation
  • Coordination of advance site and building inspections, constructional inspections
  • Specification, logistics and installation of devices in vehicles
  • Development of measurement concepts
  • Execution, co-ordination and evaluation of test drives as well as of building and vehicle damping measurements
  • Detection and evaluation of problems in to end-to-end networks and compilation of options to eliminate errors
  • Key performance indicators and service level management

Connection and modernisation of control centres

  • Rough and detailed planning of
    • technical control centre equipment, technology and operations control systems
    • technical control centre connection to switching centres
    • Infrastructure
    • Control centre migration
  • Creation of pilot platforms for testing preferred approaches

System migration

  • Development of migration processes
  • Infrastructure inspection and/or examination of building specifications
  • Provision of migration plans
  • Production of technical designs
  • Award support
  • Migration support
  • Acceptance support


    SAP projects

    We realise SAP solutions optimally tailored to your individual needs. The initial key issues are to take care of all necessary preparations to ensure that the entire project runs smoothly and to identify all the vital prerequisites. This applies especially to the project scope, the project planning with milestones and focus on schedules, costs, resources and deadlines as well as the determination of project standards.

    We realise customer-specific SAP solutions in form of prototypes on the SAP NetWeaver/PI integration platform. With our tools flexible and expandable corporate solutions can be realised in heterogeneous IT landscapes, allowing for a future-oriented and extensive harmonisation of processes and information across System boundaries (SAP and non-SAP).

    Considering organisational, business process- and technology- oriented aspects and based on the respective technical concept (business blueprint), we transfer the developed scenarios to the SAP system landscape in line with your specific requirements. We customise the system as required, and provide and process test data. We furthermore test the processes and scenarios and create extensive documentation and training file systems.

    Our key points in the field of logistics are in the following areas:

    • State of construction management for complex systems (e.g., aircraft, military weapon systems)
    • Device management for BOS digital radio systems
    • Procurement and maintenance
    • Life cycle management
    • SAP PS project system
    • Linking logistics to budget and/or accounting systems
    • Integration legacy systems (non-SAP legacy systems)
    • Central master data management