IABG Advanced Cyber Range

Preparing IT experts, users, and decision makers for different cyber attack scenarios is an essential measure to ensure the effective protection of your company and public authorities.

The “IABG Advanced Cyber Range” represents a realistic simulation environment with different threat scenarios, providing participants with practical experiences that facilitate new skills, knowledge, and hands-on expertise. “IABG Advanced Cyber Range” offers the opportunity of rapidly boosting your awareness for cyber security up to the highest level and of continually improving your capacities for detecting, evaluating, and combatting cyber attacks.

We simulate various tailored attack scenarios for you, such as

  • ransomware
  • phishing
  • SQL injection
  • vulnerabilities in the operating system
  • intrusion into IT systems.

Your added value

  • This training increases the awareness of and preparation for possible cyber attacks within your organisation.

  • We introduce your IT experts, administrative staff, and experts and management to the routines required to detect, evaluate and combat cyber attacks..

  • We enhance your company's defensive capabilities.