Reference feasibility studies

Feasibility study experimental centre

The requirement    

Preparation of a feasibility study on the technical feasibility of the requirements of an air-conditioning test center for the equipment of the German Armed Forces


The results   

  • Confirmation of the feasibility of the elaborated concept
  • Creation of an initial 3D model of the test technology as a basis for preliminary building planning
  • Media requirements list as a basis for technical building equipment planning
  • Cost estimate as a basis for further budget planning

The solution

  • Carrying out a requirements analysis
  • Concept development on the basis of the customer's requirements
  • Elaboration and definition of the elaborated technical requirements for the enquiry with manufacturers
  • Basic determination of the expected media requirements
  • Preparation of a cost estimate for all test stand components

The benefit

  • Successful feasibility analysis as the basis for the next planning phase
  • System concept development in the construction and operation of air-conditioning test systems combined with specialist planning expertise on the interface between construction and technical building equipment