Reference general contractor

General contractor for a large test stand

The requirement    

Design, development and delivery of a multi-axial complete vehicle test bench for fatigue testing of wheeled vehicles (2 t to 45 t, 4 x 4 to 8 x 8 drives)


The results   

  • Turnkey test system for testing wheeled military vehicles
  • Testing system (4 x 6 dof axle test stands, 8 x 1 dof hydro stamp)
  • Hydraulic/cooling (5,000 l/min)
  • Sprung foundation (2,000 t)
  • Vehicle lifting system
  • Load programmes for vertical dynamic tests
  • Calculation of Life Cycle Costs (LCC)

The solution

  • Planning/realisation as joint venture
  • Specification/allocation of trades
  • Formulation of requirements for construction and infrastructure
  • Supplier and interface management
  • System integration/commissioning
  • Construction site coordination/supervision
  • Acceptance by suppliers/customers

The benefit

Cost and time savings through shortened testing times, reduction of driving tests and increased reproducibility