Test Facility: Test bench planning and General contractor

Test bench planning for test centres • test systems • test laboratories

Test facility planning and realisation for your test stand / test bench

From your idea to turnkey handover. We support you in each stage:

❶ Consulting and studies/surveys for a profound basis for initial decisions
❷ Planning of innovative test facilities and test centres considering the optimum technical and most economical solution
❸ Award management for a realisation without surprises
❹ Realisation with on-time, on quality and on-budget project support



General contractor

One direct contact. No worries!

  • Complete planning from the initial phase to conclusion of planning activities
  • Implementation support from planning completion to successful approval
  • One point of contact for all project issues

Technical project management

Flying blind? No, thank you!

  • Full monitoring of schedule, quality and costs
  • Professional coordination for engineering construction projects
  • Project structure, project monitoring and project management
  • Process definition
  • Control of clients-internal workflows

✔ Application of the current ISO and DIN standards

We identify the applicable standards and take them into account throughout the entire development process.

  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • EN 9100

  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001



IABG Test centres & specialist planning
Phone +49 89 6088-3646 • test-facility@iabg.de

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