Ballistic investigations, pyro-shock testing

At the location Lichtenau, IABG has been a partner of the German Federal Armed Forces and the industry for over 40 years. We perform experimental investigations and technical analyses for military and civilian applications (land, air, sea) in accordance with national and international standards. We test and qualify the efficiency of materials, development models and products within the sectors of ballistics, shock and impact. We develop, build and operate test rigs both in Lichtenau and on-site with the customer. In this context, our staffs are deployed - among other things - as project engineers, simulation experts, measuring engineers or developers.

We offer:

  • Ballistic investigations
  • Investigation of protection technologies against explosive charges
  • Pyro-shock testing
  • Impact testing
  • Method and process development
  • Development support of technical products
  • Numerical simulation of ballistics, shock and impact
  • State-of-the-art measurement technology; among other features, with high-speed video and crash test dummies

Test & Qualification of Protection

IABG performs all tests in accordance with national and international standards (e. g., STANAG 4569, VPAM BRV 1999/2009, VPAM ERV 2010), using particularly developed test rigs.

To improve the level of protection, we test and qualify materials, components, subsystems and overall systems. In accordance with STANAG 4569 AEP-55, these are exposed laterally (road side), as well as from below (under belly) and above (roof).

Ammunition and test charges for conventional and improvised threats (IED) include, among other things:

  • KE (projectiles)
  • Mines, hand grenades
  • Blast
  • Shell fragments
  • EFP (explosively formed projectiles)
  • CE (shaped charges)

Via our cooperation in the STANAG teams of experts, nos. 4569 and 4686 we are involved in the development of test procedures and qualifications in an international context. Beyond that, IABG participates in the German-Dutch co-operation project TV28 as well.

Impact Testing

At the location Lichtenau or directly on-site with the customer, IABG operates a family of impact facilities and devices for a variety of applications with customized projectiles:

  • Speeds up to over 280 m/s and/or 1000 km/h
  • Masses up to 10 kg (depending on selected speed)
  • Diameters up to 300 mm
  • Almost random projectile geometry, symmetrical/ asymmetrical
  • Specific adjustment of the projectile’s flight attitude
  • National/international standards (e.g., UIC 651)

The investigations of projectiles (e.g., shock resistance) and of components of almost any size (e.g., maintaining functionality and damage pattern) can be performed in accordance with national/ international standards (e.g., GMRT 2100/FAR 25.631)

Among others, the following measuring instruments/ procedures can be used for the analysis:

  • Simultaneous high-speed video feeds from different perspectives
  • High-speed data recording for strain gauges and acceleration sensors
  • Laser triangulation and digital image correlation (DIC) to measure the component’s displacement/ deformation
  • Force measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Ultrasonic and eddy current processes with appropriate materials


Development Support

Simulation and construction

We carry out extensive simulations for development support, but also for test support purposes. Blast structure interactions, impact processes and occupant behaviour can thus be simulated with commercially available simulation programmes or individually developed simulation tools.

For special scenarios, we also advance existing simulation programmes or re-develop whole simulation tools.

In addition to simulation applications, we support our customers with the construction of specific mechanical systems.


Pyro-shock Testing

We use explosives to investigate how devices react when exposed to high shock loads which cannot be tested via impact tests. IABG has special test equipment which can be used to generate high shock loads in accordance with customer specifications.

In order to apply specific charges to individual devices, customer-defined shock response spectra (shock response spectrum - SRS) or pseudo velocity values can be generated reproducibly and evaluated with our efficient measurement technology tools.



Test Rigs, Conception, Implementation & Operation

The investigation of components or devices in the end system is often impossible or too expensive. This is why IABG designs and implements test stands for such applications. These test rigs allow cost-efficient investigations and monitoring with measuring tools under reproducible test conditions.

We therefore offer a variety of test rigs, particularly for testing and qualifying protection technology and occupant survivability.

Upon customer request, we develop specific test rigs which meets the special requirements. We operate these test rigs on our testing ground in Lichtenau or directly on-site with the customer.



Test Support

Our autonomous measurement teams perform challenging high-speed data acquisitions on-site with our national and international customers. We offer the entire spectrum of measurement technology, from structural measurement, high-speed video measurement up to occupant load measurement with crash test dummies. In addition, we transport our test rigs to the customer and perform tests directly on the premises.

Testing Ground & Sites

IABG’s testing ground in Lichtenau covers a surface of approx. 180 has. Parts of this area are equipped with appropriate safety monitoring technology. For special investigations and upon request, we also rent premises out to customers.

Equipment / Safety

For our investigations, we resort to an extensive equipment and tool set for handling the test items. Test rigs and measurement technology are accordingly designed to match the requirements. In addition, our premises are equipped with appropriate safety installations.