Testing and fatigue strength plant components

At our headquarters in Ottobrunn we have 5,000 m2 roofed areas (halls) with modern infrastructure, central hydraulic, compressed air and cooling water supply as well as safety features (e.g. fire brigade). Using our standard and special test stands, we examine, test and qualify functional units or individual parts and components. We examine factors, such as dimensioning, structural design, and the materials used, as well as the behaviour of test items when exposed to defined parameters. We are happy to provide individual support - either in advance, during the entire production cycle or in the event of specific problems.

Our seal stands for the quality of our accredited and certified test house.

Vibration analysis, earthquake resistance

We offer seven electro-dynamic and several hydraulic vibration facilities for vibration analyses (single- and multi-axial, partly combined with temperature / climatic features) with different table sizes and force vectors.

All test facilities are equipped with high-performance control and measurement systems, enabling you to use all operation modes applied in vibration analysis. Some of our facilities even allow for combined testing, such as vibration / temperature tests.

Materials Testing and Damage Analysis

We offer our customers universal, competent and prompt support in failure analysis, materials testing and the development of remedial measures for further product and process development.

In the field of  failure analysis we are VDI 3822-compliant for systematic methods. We implement complementary testing methods in agreement with our clients both in our fully equipped laboratory and on-site. Our experts draft failure evaluation reports based on the following aspects:

  • Determination of failure mechanisms
  • Deduction of possible failure causes
  • Definition of remedial measures
  • Active failure prevention

Standardised work processes permit us to quickly and flexibly develop an examination concept tailored to your request. Our statement of work gives you an initial insight.

Specification Materials Testing and Failure Analysis

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The materials we examine range from metals to non-metals, from synthetics to composite materials and material combinations. Our expertise covers the evaluation of different production and manufacturing processes – including additive manufactoring.

We use the following methods to characterise systems, components, materials and defects:

We advise you on matters concerning series production and development and respond in depth to specific questions. More experts are also available to provide aggregate services for design, layout, simulations, functional tests and environmental simulation.

Contact us and we will gladly bundle up a combined service package for you.